Hi from Linton on Ouse, North Yorkshire, UK

Hi Hello from a small village ten miles north of York. This is our first experience of having someone house sit with our pets and feeling quite nervous really. I am really going to have to look around the site and at sitters expectations as its daunting isn’t it! My son and I have a dog Ralph, Cat Bella and two silkie chickens, although we will be taking Ralph with us for a week away. Just wanting to say hi to like minded souls :slight_smile:


Welcome! When hubby and I were in York before the pandemic, we walked to Linton on Ouse. Lovely little place. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding great people for your sit.

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Aww thank you, we do love living here and we hope that the house sitters will do. Fingers crossed for interested people then!

Hi @Poppynb70 welcome to our community forum an to TrustedHousesitters … we completely understand how you might be feeling a little nervous it’s like everything that’s new until you know what to expect and how it all works it can be a little daunting however you are not alone. Every member whether sitter or owner started in exactly the same place as a first time novice and the forum can help, simply ask your question and our community will help answer and guide you.

Also do visit the website blog where you can search articles and there are many to help inform and guide your too, like this one

There are more where that came from … Ralph, Bella and your chickens will be in safe hands it all about finding the right sitter and communicating with each other from the very beginning all the way through to when you come back to happy pets after your time away.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Forum Team

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Hi @Poppynb70
Nice place Linton. I was born, raised and lived in York for 30 odd years so I know the area well. Is there still a pub by the river?
Think it’s only normal to be nervous when you start but you soon get to know there’s lots of wonderful people here!

Hi thanks for your message, sorry i have only just seen it. I was sat outside that pub this weekend! I am not seeing any interest really, which worries me as we only have until the end of August to find someone :frowning: I need to come onto this forum more i think.

Welcome @Poppynb70 . I wish you luck in finding someone, I bet that you will! In case it hasn’t been mentioned, you could try and remove the dates momentarily and repost your listing, this will kind of perch your listing on top of the heap momentarily, maybe giving you another chance of exposure. Your listing showed up at the bottom of the second page, when searched in Yorkshire. Hope that this helps a bit. Bella and Ralph look like a great pair, and I have nothing against chickens - we have five “plain old” chickens.

Thank you for your advice that’s really helpful. This feels a bit like a dating app leaving one left with a rejection but not sure why lol :sweat_smile:

@Poppynb70 It’s a good idea to embed your listing in your forum username/profile. Forum members can give you constructive feedback on ways to perhaps tweak your listing that may just bring you success.

Here are the instructions: How to embed your listing in your forum username/profile

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