Newbie in Brockholes, Yorkshire, England

Hi everyone, excited to start and get to more about THS.

Any advice about my listing would be gratefully received, hadn’t had much interest.

I’m a science teacher and my husband runs a pet portrait business. We are going abroad and so need a sitter to take care of our 2 huskies whilst we’re away for 2 weeks.

Thanks everyone in advance :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Sarah443 .

I have to admit, you have stumped me!

As far as I can see your listing is perfect. Great location, lovely dogs, a vehicle to use, good photos and lots of information - what’s not to like!!

How long has your listing been on the site?

There is plenty of time yet before your travel date so don’t worry.

I will eat my hat if you don’t get any applications soon :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi @Sarah443. Welcome to our community here in the forum. I’m glad you found us and introduced yourself.

I just looked over your listing, and, as @Colin said, it looks great. Your home looks lovely. I can imagine myself staying in it with all your pictures and wonderful description. That’s what sitters want in a listing. And your Huskies are adorable!

Maybe change your title to play up the walkability in your area and the fact that a car will be made available to the sitter? That will appeal to many sitters who come to the UK in the summer to pet sit and explore the countryside (Many find UK car rentals expensive.) Something like “Delightfully walkable area, car also available” might help grab sitters’ attention.

There’s still lots of time for you to find the perfect sitter. Many sitters, myself include, appreciate pet parents who plan ahead like you do.

Best wishes in finding a great sitter.


Hi @Sarah443 , I agree with the others. Your listing looks great! You say that a van is available but haven’t included the label, sitters can use your car under Home and Location. You might want to add that. I’ll also eat my hat if you don’t get applicants well before your dates! :wink:


Hi @Sarah443 your listing looks lovely and if we were going to be still in the UK at that time we would apply. As sitters who have been sitting full time in the UK for the last 4 months, there are a couple of things we look for in sits that aren’t mentioned in your listing that are worth including.

  1. How close is your house to the train station for travelling to Brockholes and can you collect the sitters from the station and drop them back at the end of the sit?
  2. Given there will be a car available for the sitter’s use (thank you btw) how long can your pups be left alone at home if the sitters want to explore without them?

As a side note, I strongly recommend you double check with your car insurer that you can add the sitters to your insurance. We have had 2 occasions here in the UK in the last 4 months where we have arrived at the sit to find out that the home owner couldn’t add us to the car insurance as they had left it to the last moment to contact their insurer. We weren’t able to get our own insurance either. In one case we wouldn’t have applied for the sit without being able to use their car as we were there for several weeks with limited public transport that took us an hour on the bus to get in to the next largest town. So by the time we factored in 2 hours for the return bus ride, it didn’t leave us much time for exploring away from the pets.

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your advice, just before posting here I had changed my listing after reading many posts from members about how to make my listing better. I will also amend to include the many super bits of advice you have all given to me.

What a wonderful community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so grateful for all your help, I have had an application and a message of interest so am hopeful of securing someone for this sit.

Have a super Sunday, Sarah :paw_prints:


I’m so glad to hear that @Sarah443! Please do let us know once you’ve confirmed your sitter(s).


@Sarah443 you have a great and very informative listing, and two gorgeous dogs. Our neighbours have a husky and my sons spend a lot of time playing with her! To top it all off, you are in Gods own county (displaced Yorkshire lass here!) If your dates didn’t clash with an annual camping event we regularly attend, we would definitely apply. We have added your listing to our favourites to be notified of future dates.

As occasional / school holiday sitters, we have not started actively looking for summer holiday sits yet. Maybe that is the only reason you haven’t had more applicants yet.


Hi Debbie,

Thank you so much for your message, completely agree about Yorkshire, it’s an amazing place.

I think I’ve been panicking about getting a sitter for the girls. Have learnt from this fantastic forum not to panic :star_struck:

Will definitely have dates in the future, thank you for considering us.

Have a super Sunday.

Sarah :paw_prints:


Exactly what I felt here; there is support. I do not have to know everything - before I begin. Ah, so much better. Welcome, Sarah! I will be sitting all over the UK, to find where we will settle.
Aloha, Love,
Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire - my dog.


I’m gutted that I can’t apply myself. We have another Sit booked at the same time, other wise I would. Your listing is great. I’ve saved your listing in the hope that you go away again sometime soon and we get informed so that we can apply then. Good luck with your sitters for this one, I’m sure you’ll get lots.

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Thank you @ClaireUK for your kind words, I have been amazed at how responsive and helpful this forum is :star_struck:

I’m sure we’ll be having another break in the future so I’ll keep tou posted.

Have a super week.

Sarah :paw_prints:


Completely agree with previous comments. Your home, dogs and description look great. If you were closer, geographically, we’d apply!

Best of luck!


Oh thank you :blush: have a lovely weekend Sarah

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Hi Sarah, just had a look at your listing and I’m very tempted to apply! How flexible are your dates, if at all?


Hi @andrealovesanimals you can connect with Sarah via the Direct Message option … it’s great for one to one conversations :wink:

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Hi all,

Thought I’d give an update as you were all so super helpful, had a promising applicant - got to final stage messaged they’d sit but then something came up and they had to pull out :confused: so back to square one.
Still very hopeful and have been busy messaging people who saved our listing, please cross everything for us.
I’m going to amend my listing following an article I saw in here so may re post and ask for advice.
Thank you again for being a super comunity.
Sarah :paw_prints:

Hi Sarah @Sarah443 I just had a look at your listing and it looks lovely! One thing I noted is you offer use of your van- this is not so common in the UK and is definitely a big selling point. I would suggest you include that in your listing title. And also tick the box ‘car included’ Your doggies & location are gorgeous and the car could just be the extra + that attracts the perfect sitter!
Good luck!