Hello from sunny Berkshire, UK!

Hi there, sitting community. I’ve recently joined this amazing site after recommendations from so many people. I had no idea there were so many opportunities to sit globally - how exciting!

More immediately, I’m looking for a sitter in August and I’ve completed a profile with lots of pictures but we have not had a single response! Its a beautiful spot for someone to spend a fortnight and hopefully the photos show that.

If anyone had any advice on making the listing more attractive I’d be super grateful. we’re running out of time!

Thanks so much!


@Swift Hello Jessica and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. I’ve just taken a quick look at your listing, and suggest:

  • Your photos are excellent, including your first photo choice. I would just add one of the bathroom and explain whether it is on the ground floor or an upper floor. If on an upper floor, is there also a toilet on the ground floor? Some people are limited with stairs.

  • I would change your headline, as the pets are shown in the icons below in the search, and the photo of your beautiful home would make me assume you are in the country. Given you’ll be in school holidays, I would make family-friendly the start of your headline as it’s a key feature. When you edit anything, then search your listing on the website and app to make sure it displays as you intended.

  • You’ve only mentioned one bedroom being available. Are there more that can be used? If so, I’d add those details.

  • Given your description, I don’t see a need for a car. Preferred maybe, but not essential. You limit your sitter availability considerably with that requirement. Instead, add details of how to reach you, and perhaps consider offering to pick up and return someone from the main transit area.

  • Be more specific on how long the dog walks usually are, as a good walk is subjective and not clear.

Other members will have suggestions, no doubt, as these were just the points I noticed on first reading.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thats really helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to read and make suggestions. i’ll make those amendments!

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Hello Jessica @Swift - I suggest removing the ‘sitters need a car’ tag too, as that will be off-putting to international sitters. Car hire costs are through the roof.

As you say the sit could be done without a car (although having one is a bonus) and you have bikes that sitters could borrow (wonderful!). Presumably having a supermarket delivery is possible - if so, I suggest mentioning that. Where’s the nearest train station and would you be happy to collect/return the sitter to it (or provide taxi details)? Also I suggest adding car hire/taxi info to your welcome guide - the sitter may not want a car for the entire sit but just for a day or two.

Your house and pets are gorgeous (who doesnt love a golden retriever??) so I’m sure you’ll have takers.

Hi Jessica @Swift ,

Your listing looks great, you have adorable pets and a lovely home. We would definitely be interested in sitting for you in the future. Sadly we can’t do your current dates as we have a camping trip and then a short housesit (another Burmese + dogs).

I do hope you find someone lovely to look after Lula & Sweep (and the fish). Good luck!


Hi Swift, great post and I’m sure you’ll get the perfect sitter soon! One thing I noticed was that you had duplicate photos in your collection of your pets and not one of where the sitter would sleep. A photo or two of the bedroom and bathroom are always appreciated when we look at a potential house sit. Good luck!