Interested in arranging house sitter member meetups - general

Indeed I do! I hope someone else is there during my timeframe! Meeting Lauren and then you while in Miami made my whole trip! I’m still using your hair thingy!:kissing_heart:

Cool. Stay in touch.

I’m wondering if this site has the capability to connect sitters with other sitters for example: I’m going to be in Miami for the next few weeks and would love to meet up with any other sitters who just happen to be in the area. Any advice? Thanks in advance!


I will be in Key West next week. If you want to visit?


Oh gosh! I would absolutely love to visit!! Unfortunately I will not have a vehicle! I’m open to suggestions!! I will be in Surfside Miami from the second to the sixth and then I will be in Coconut Grove from the sixth to the 15th. I will start looking for some sort of excursions that can bring me down there because I would love to see the keys!! Thanks for reaching out Grandma! I feel so warm and cuddly just say in the words Grandma… I never had one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


P. S. If you have a vehicle, I will pay for all gas! :sunglasses:


I will be in Key from 6-10. Than i am doing Port st Lucie(boring)
Yes i have a car. Stay in touch, we can meet and i can be your grandma.


Excellent! I’m so looking forward to it!! I hope this is a Direct msg directly to you as I’m going to give you my Cel () Text me anytime!! Can’t wait to chat/meet! Thanks so much! :heart:

Yes my travel e mail
I will be in FLL on Wednesday. Perhaps we can meet. Have you been here.

I would love to connect with other sitters while on a sit. Should we try connecting here on this Forum or in some other way. I’ll be in NYC Sept 22-27 if anyone else will be :slight_smile:


I’ve been to FL, yes, but It’s always been on the gulf side though…until this next week in Miami. It will be fun checking out the area! I’m very much a beach person, so FL is always my favorite destination! How are you landed to housesit in Key West I cannot imagine! Lucky you!!

I was in Cape Corale
Punta Gorda

I just turned down a job there…It was for a wonderful gal named Tonya! While
I didn’t take her sit, she did come to Sanabel island and visit me while I was there. Had a great time!

Yes a good idea. We can meet for a nice wine :wine_glass:
Port St. Lucie 15to26. I have a car. Just connect.

I head back to Phoenix on the 15th, so our visit would have to be during your KeyWest sit…? And, yes, a cocktail will be welcomed!, (I just sent you a text:)

Hi @Grandma … I have just marked out your mobile/cell phone number in the public forum. It’s easily done but one to watch out for. The best thing to do is to connect by using the direct messaging which is private. Enjoy connecting!!

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It’s lovely to see you all connecting and organizing meetups! It’s something we’ve done for many years and have had some amazing get-togethers with other sitters and travelers around the world. House sitting full-time can be a lonely lifestyle, and we’ve always found that meeting new travelers results in evenings full of questions about our way of live, house sitting and more, which although we love to share, it’s equally special to meet other sitters who “get” the way we live, and moreover get the love of pets and travel and what house sitting is all about.

It will be interesting to see how meetups evolve here on the forum, and I’m sure the forum team will issue some guidelines on this soon, but please be mindful of putting private information up with phone numbers and especially addresses of house sits, in forum topic threads. It’s easily done by accident, and we will always delete as soon as we see anything, but we aren’t online all the time.

Once you’ve found your connections, the best thing is to move your conversation about specific details onto a direct message (DM). If anyone needs help with this just let us know. Have fun :slight_smile:


Hi @Grandma wonderful to see our members connecting and arranging meet ups, just one thing I have removed your email address as the forum is a public platform, it’s easily done to post here but members should only share personal details via Direct Message.


Thank you. What is direct messaging.

Direct Messages are sent from one forum member to another privately using the MESSAGE option. A bit like when you send a text message to an owner on the TrustedHousesitters website when applying to sits.

Here’s a thread where this has been discussed and @Petermac has shown how to do this with images to help. Have a look, and if you want to practice by sending me @Vanessa-Admin a message, please do :slight_smile: