Meet up in Seattle 9/28-10/1

I’ll be in seattle on a sit from 9/28-10/1 before heading down to Portland for 2 months. Would be fun to meet some other sitters and travelers. I know Seattle somewhat well as I’ve lived i Washington’s San Juan islands and have been to Seattle multiple times. Let me know.

Hi @Catgoddess_99 Thank you for arranging a meet up in Seattle, hopefully there will be some other members in the area for your dates :crossed_fingers:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you interested in HOs in the area, or just other sitters passing through?

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I hope so, since i only sit fall, winter and spring I haven’t had much opportunities yet. Leaving my summer seasonal work as a guide in Sitka the 25th and spending a couple of day’s in Petersburg before heading to Seattle.

Both, I’d love to get together with sitters and HO’s.