Portland, OR, meet end of June

Hello, I will be house sitting in Portland, OR, June 26 - July 6th. I’d love to meet up for coffee or a hike.
Angie from IA


@AngieIA Portland, OR is on our to visit list! I hope you have an amazing time and there are some other members available to meet up :grin:

@AngieIA - I’m doing a string of OR sits - starting in Portland May 11-19, then Redmond May 19-22, finishing up in Eugene May 22-June 9. So will miss you by a month. But Portland is a great place for sits - I’ve already done a few there.

Sounds fun! Have an awesome trip!

Angie and I are going to meet on June 29, 2023 at 11 am at Elephant’s Delicatessen on NW 22nd Ave. There are a few locations, so please note the address. They have outdoor seating, and dogs are allowed on the patio.
Angie is from Iowa!
Sarah “Sally” is from Portland, Oregon.
Please let us know if you can join! Looking forward to meeting other members!


I’ll be doing a sit in Portland until June 29th. I’d love to meet up. Omaha,NE

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@AngieIA and @IHeartAnimals We are meeting this week on Thursday, June 29 in Portland, Oregon, at Elephants on NW 22nd Ave. On the patio. Looks like weather is good. 11 am. See you there! Dogs are OK.


Looking forward to it!

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Sorry but I had to leave the Portland area today for Canada