Airport Lounges

Has anyone used the ‘free’ airport lounge incentive? It looks from the app as if you have to pay something

  • is that correct?

We used ours recently in Sydney. You have to ‘book’ them a few days in advance with THS customer services but nothing extra to pay yourself.

We’ve used it as part of our premium membership @segdef - Worked brilliantly in Istanbul and have just booked Bangkok for November. One pass would have cost us more than the upgrade so made total sense. We didn’t have to pay anything extra for the passes themselves.

I used one in Miami in July and will use another next weekend in Madrid. Nice to have, especially when you have to be at the airport long in advance for international flights.

Just be aware that they’re not available everywhere. There is a list

We used one in London Heathrow. Lounge was small and pretty basic, no shower facilities, average food and drink. But at least better than hanging around the terminal for several hours. Staff were nice. We didn’t have to pay anything extra. Very easy to book via THS. You need to have premium membership.