Getting Lounge Passes

Since increasing my membership last year I have not needed to fly anywhere for a sitting, I now have a sitting abroad and would like to apply for airport lounge pass…

The main THS site does not appear to provide any portal or specific request contact point and it would be much better if there was a dedicated place or contact link to be able to claim these.



HI @Martin_S welcome back to the forum it’s been a while.

I’m going to put you in direct touch with the Membership Services Team who can help you with this and I will forward your feedback.

Hi Angela
Thanks for the reply and yes its been quite a while since I last logged in to the community forum… I think I lost quite a bit of motivation during the autumn and I am hoping it will return after my repeat sitting in vegas in 3 weeks time…

I havnt had much added value from my premium membership since upgrading but I did remember about the lounge passes!

Look forward to hearing from someone