Am so tired of very few photos and minimal information

Good on you Ken for providing us sitters with lots of photos and information, we really do appreciate it. And that’s great that you are able to find yourself a suitable sitter in just 3 minutes from those Quick Draw Mcgraws who happen to be searching when you happen to be posting. I just have to point out that your experience with the system seems to be exceptional and most of the rest of us are just floundering around trying to navigate a way through it. A few days ago the Website logged me out (as it does periodically) and I noticed there were 52 sits listed in my search area (all of Asia), when I logged back in however there were only 9 homeowners ‘accepting applications’. So the vast majority of sits I was unable to apply to even though these HO’s were still actively looking for sitters, most probably completely unaware that their post had been pulled by THS administration and wondering why applications had suddenly dried up - some of them I remembered first appearing weeks ago. You’re right that the system can’t please everyone, but it seems that it is only pleasing a small minority.