Am so tired of very few photos and minimal information

How can someone write a proper application directed specifically to your needs and requirements in a matter of two to three minutes. This is one reason why there is so many issues recently with sitters cancelling etc - because they haven’t had time to research if they can actually fulfil the requirements, are suitable to your particular sit etc etc, they simply press apply to get into that five.

I do understand your point about not being able to check your ad before the five came in, I’m sure others feel the same, not sure about the majority though to be honest.

Anyway, these points are off topic and has been discussed like FOREVER so best we don’t get caught up on it in this thread. Respect your thoughts, that’s what the forum is about. Good luck with your sitter, hope it all works well for you.

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no necessarily. If they have been on the site for a long time, they might have lots of great reviews, experience with sitters (not the kind of HO on their first experience, scared of it, who probably will send their son mid sit, because “he missed his dog so much” or the neighbour needed a key) so you don’t have to help them navigate their first experience. It is amazing to find an experienced HO with lots of pics, but if the date and location match, they have experience, it’s harder to navigate away.

haha you’re so right. I feel more like a stalker, but I like your choice of word: detective :100:

I agree. I have encountered amazing HO who didn’t really master the art of picture uploading from a phone and I respect that. They turned out to have fabulous homes and super pets, and were lovely HO.

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I think it is still on topic, it’s about communication. In my ‘profile’ there is everything that a sitter would need to know; photos, shopping, region; everything. I have also compiled a dossier detailing everything from fuse boxes to getting the DVD working; everything!
I presume, and think it correct, that a potential sitter would have read my profile and the information contained before applying for the sit. In fact just about every sitter I have had, and I have had quite a lot, make reference to the things I have written so obviously they have read the profile. It becomes painfully obvious if a sitter hasn’t read anything in the profile and is therefore usually wasting their time!
So, the short answer, after a long diatribe!, is that the five are enough as invariably they have read what I have written and it is always a shame I then have to contact the ‘losers’ as their profiles are usually excellent also. And so it is with my latest sitters and I’m sure they will be perfect. Incidentally, they are coming here; to France, from; guess where? Yes, New Zealand.

I am from Australia, Ken, our flags just look very much alike, just a couple of stars less for New Zealand. Each to their own thoughts on this issue, I really wish you well.

You know I never realised the Oz flag had 6 stars! I always thought it was just one more than NZ. Wow I really need to be more observant - after all I’ve been living here for 4 months now.

@B1anca yes one for each State (5) and one for the Northern Territory, which isn’t classified as a State. The New Zealand flag has four stars in the formation of the Southern Cross constellation :smile:

The rush to apply means that unfortunately, however great your info, those five rarely read it properly through no fault of their own ….shame but true @Ken


What’s interesting about that, Ken, is that with the new 5 app rule I have felt pressured as a sitter to hurry and apply.
I’m a very thorough person and have always read everything and even included information I’ve read in my response to show that I am intentional and conscientious.
However this new 5 app rule has ruined that.
I have found sits I’m very interested in and the time I’ve taken to read everything it has filled up from zero to 5 applicants in just a few minutes and I lose the chance to apply. This has happened time and again and it’s infuriating. Now I am forced to go against my own standards and send an application after just perusing the details.
This is what the 5 limit rule has done.
Doesn’t seem like it is in anyone’s best interest. IMO
I’ll add that I do think there should be a limit. Maybe 10 or even 8 but 5 is just too few.

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Yes I do know the Australian flag, half my family live there! I’m sorry if I offended you that certainly wasn’t my intention. I should have been more precise.

I haven’t felt that any of my proposed sitters have had to ‘hurry’ in applying. Sure, they always come through very quickly but usually with detail that could only be gleaned from reading the profile. What perhaps you are confusing is the time you actually see the request for a sitter! If you see the request several minutes or an hour or so later then others will have been in front of you. The ‘5’ rule’ does work very well for me and I have had many ‘sitters’.
I suppose on any given subject in any walk of life the given rules will never suit everyone.

@Ken oh not at all, Ken. You didn’t offend me. We’re a tough breed here and it takes a lot to offend me and you most certainly didn’t I assure you :grin: Thanks for the kind thought.

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Phew! That was a close shave!! I have just had the most smashing couple from Aussie cat sitting for me, they left just a week ago.

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Hahaha, good one, and great to hear, Ken! :raised_hands: Keep me in mind for your next sit lol :kangaroo:

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Not always.
We have many that are saved as favorites and we get alerts as soon as they are posted. Unless THS isn’t working properly which would be a whole other issue.
Regardless, they hit the 5 limit within minutes of being posted. Literally. I would be in the process of writing a thoughtful reply and…too late.
Some areas are very desirable (in this case, Lisbon) and many, like us, have them saved as favorites.
Maybe you aren’t in a super high demand area so it hasn’t been an issue.
If you look at the recent poll, the vast majority of sitters are not in favor of the 5 app limit. It really limits the pool of options.
I’m glad it has worked out for you. That’s excellent. Just isn’t the case for everyone.


I suppose I’m only looking at it from the perspective of a H.O. and not a sitter. I can’t think that H.O. are here complaining of the ‘5’ rule. If I were a sitter then yes, I see your argument. It’s a catch 22 situation for the Pet Sitters site!! H.O. are happy and sitters are not!! Can’t please both sides I’m afraid!

I said if the HO hadn’t provided pics of the home then I could see the home via a video link. If you provide the pics that wouldn’t be necessary

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You would see the home via a video link, if the H.O. agreed!!

Ken, I have a good friend in Manhattan, NYC, in a luxury apartment who recently joined THS as a HO. She was also very frustrated with the 5 limit rule as she wanted to vet way more potential applicants and was tired of having to turn down so many so she could open up slots for better options. It was exhausting for her. 5 was too limiting.