An Application Template Anyone?

Hi there! I want to make a nice application rough draft where I’ll be able to plug in my own facts for each sit as it pertains to them :slight_smile: Does anyone have an example of what they use?


I write pretty short application messages–generally about a paragraph, maybe a bit more depending on the particulars of the listing. Then at the end, I note we have a really detailed profile where they can learn more about us. So I don’t have a template per se. But there are a few things I often include in the message. I generally open with the fact we have been housesitting full time since 2014 and have online businesses.

While we enjoy exploring a new area,we aren’t ones looking to be out about about all day every day sightseeing–we generally take longer sits so have time to spread things out --so we let them know that we generally spend a good deal of time at home.

I also include information about our travel plans and schedule since that could factor into their decision. For example, if I still don’t know where we will be just prior to their trip, I let them know this, in the event they preferred sitters who would book travel shortly after the sit was confirmed.

A shorter message that primarily focuses on the specifics of the listing, and how we can meet their needs, and ‘lighter’ on details about us has seemed to work well in our case.


@abbylink just write from your heart. This will let a potential PP see the real you. You can create a generic template in your own words, save it, then add/delete anything pertaining to that particular sit.