An Oz Memory

Hello everyone. This site is bringing back so many memories.

We were in Perth for four weeks and had managed to find a superb rental in a nice part of town. The owner was lovely and it was a win-win because she used our rent money to go on holiday to the barrier reef

One night I woke up to loud music and talking next door. I tried for hours to sleep to no avail. Eventually in the early hours of the morning I got up, dressed and knocked on their door.

The door was half opened very defensively - he was expecting a complaint.

I introduced myself as the next door neighbour, no I wasn’t complaining just curious.

The door swung open and I was invited in to meet the crowd. A beer was planted in my hand and people came over to say Hi.

It appeared to be a Posh and Becks obsession party. Everyone was smartly dressed and the girls all had black hair. The only topic of conversation was their heroes. They were all trying to imitate a British accent and holding their glasses with a little finger protruding.

So I sat there feeling stupid in casual clothes, trying to join in.

After an hour or so I made my excuses and left.

I got back to realise that in my half asleep state I had been sitting there with my jumper inside out!!

I wonder what Crocodile Dundee would have thought?

Just bein friendly Cobber.

Caroline :rofl::clinking_glasses::rofl:


What a fun adventure! They probably thought you were very posh!

Oh I doubt it in my inside out jumper!

It was debatable who the real Australian was that night.

The funny thing was my husband slept right through it all. So his first words were " you went where" :rofl::rofl: