Perth meetup before Easter? or Auckland through mid-May?

Hi I’m Michelle currently in Perth Western Australia until Easter then off to Pukekohe just outside Auckland New Zealand for 5 weeks. If anyone would like to meet up please get in touch

Hi Michelle. We are Sandy and Tony and we are sitting in Dawesville until May 6. We are from USA and this is our first trip to Australia. We are hoping to take the train from Mandurah to Perth as we haven’t explored Perth yet. Let us know when you’ll be around.

Hi Sandy & Tony
I’ll be in Perth city centre next Monday & Thursday I’m staying in a hotel in Murray Street as I’m doing a tour Tuesday and Wednesday to the pink lake and Kalbarri
Is that any good?

Hi Michelle. Are you housesitting? This is our first sit and we would like to visit some of the sights but we need to either bring our pet sit along, or arrange for a sitter for a day trip. Looks like pets are not allowed on the trains so we would need to drive in and wonder whether Rottnest is worth it for just a day trip. Or should we drive in with the dog and find a pet friendly overnight stay? What do you think? I’ll look up pink lake and Kalbarri to inform ourselves. How are you able to do the tours while housesitting? I feel like we need to find a sitter for our sit!!! Sorry for so many questions. In any event, we’ll plan to meet up either Monday or Thursday. We’ll stay in touch.

Hi I’m actually staying with friends in Kalamunda so not house sitting until i go to New Zealand over Easter. Yes Rottnest is worth a visit and they have quokkas there. I tend to stay in an area for a couple of weeks after a sit to do my sightseeing. I have been here before albeit 20 years ago. I’m probably in a different situation to you as i sold up in the UK and ‘am spending the kids inheritance’ so i can travel as much as I like. I lost my dog of 16 years last year so I’m happy to borrow other people’s dogs as i miss her. Kings Park in Perth is supposed to be lovely so you could bring your pet and take her there.
Look forward to meeting you

That sounds wonderful Michelle. We’re planning to get to Perth via the train from Mandurah on Monday. I wish we’d thought to extend our stay after the sit, and now we know for next time. If you’d like, we’d love to meet up for lunch on Monday.
Sandy and Tony

Lunch would be lovely
I’ll get bus into Perth Elizabeth Quay bus station
Checking into Novotel in Murray Street
Plenty nice food places :yum:

Hi @MichelleD how exciting arranging a meet-up with @Sandrabaner1 you can use the Direct Message option for a one to one conversation… don’t forget to take pics and share on the meet-up gallery :blush:

Hi Michelle. Can we meet you tomorrow would rather pick a time and place before we leave. Let me know what you think. Sandy

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Hi Sandy call me to arrange
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