Hi I’m Michelle currently in Perth Western Australia until Easter then off to Pukekohe just outside Auckland New Zealand for 5 weeks. If anyone would like to meet up please get in touch

Hello @MichelleD Thank you for starting a meet-up! It can help for members’ quick reference if you post the exact dates that you will be in each location.
I hope that you find some other members in those areas to meet up with :grin:

Hi Michelle,

We just finished our second of 4 sits in NZ and are going to be sitting in Rotorua April 2-26. It’s probably a bit too far to meet up during our sit(190 km) but if you have any time prior to your sit travel there, it’s supposed to be an incredible area with lots of things to do.

Dan and Nan

Hi thanks :blush: I’m in Pukekohe from 9th April to 8th May then plan to stay in NZ for another 3 weeks before flying back to Australia for a couple of sits in Victoria. I’ll try and see that area.
I’m in Victoria until end August if anyone wants to meet up there?

Hi Michelle

I’m housesitting not too far away out on the Firth of Thames! Happy to meet up one afternoon before you leave. I’m following cv protocols (mask wearing, socially distancing) so happy to sit outside and chat. :blush: Tracey

Hello @MissAdventures and a warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

It’s great to hear that you will be able to meet up with a fellow member.

For reference if you are a member, you can also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link, should you wish. This will then enable others to offer you helpful advice and feedback.

Hope you have a lovely time. :blush:

Hi Dan and Nan
I’m in Pukekohe until 10 May then have a week in hotel in Auckland CBD for week to do some sightseeing. I’m not flying back to Melbourne until 26 May so undecided where I’ll be for my final week.
Does any of that work for you?

Hi Tracey
That would be lovely, I’m in Pukekohe until 10 May then I have a hotel booked in Auckland CBD for a week to do some sightseeing. I’m not flying back to Melbourne until 26 May and am undecided where to stay/visit until then. I’ve just looked up where you are so may even decide to visit that area.
Can you let me have your contact details and I’ll be in touch when I’m in Auckland .

Hi Michelle

I am closer to you in Pukekohe than downtown Auckland. About 45mins away by car. The traffic in Auckland motorway is a nightmare (infastructure has not grown in line with immigration)!

Auckland is my old hometown. Have been gouseitting for 12 years so can’t reccomend places to eat etc but places to see/visit I can.

For the best panoramic view of the city and the two oceans, walk to the top of One Tree Hill (steep walk, but on a fine day it gives a good perspective of the layout).

Ferry ride from the city to Devonport (10mins approx), or over to Waiheke Island (to stay a night or two, vineyard tour/wine tasting). Or to Rangitoto Island - suggest the 9am ferry as the last ferry back is around 3pm I thnk and you’ll need all the time to walk up to the top and back! No where to buy anything on the island, so take your lunch and water! There are plants there that only grown on the island and nowhere else.

Auckland is hilly… good walking shoes a must and take a brolly as rain is a given :wink::laughing:

City adjascent areas to visit:
Parnell (nice old, wealthier houses and shopping, food etc), Parnell Rose Garends, and Sat mornings there is a small fresh food market on the city side of St Georges Bay Rd.
Ponsonby (bars, restaurants, some “designer” clothing stores) and onto “K” Rd (Kahrangahape Rd) for clubs and the Gay scene and the odd strip club (or Fort Street area for that, if still there).

Auckland Art Gallery, Albert Park and Auckland University/Law Courts/Old Governers Residence.

Q Theater for local small scale shows(professional theatre and dance), or there is Aucklad Theatre down near the Viaduct. The Civic Theatre if you can get a look inside is all gold lions and twinkly stars on the midnight blue ceiling and Aotea Centre tend to do the bigger overseas productions/musicals.

There are shops, bars etc around the transit station near the harbour/ferry building at the bottom of the CBD.
“Round The Bays” walk I used to walk from Freemans Bay to the last bay past Ladies Bay - round trip was 21km. Lovely harbour walk/beaches, can get breezy so take a jacket, apart from the last few kms (at the kids swings/park) it is flat. Plenty of places to stop and eat, drink along the way.
Auckland Domain with Auckland Museum I like the top floor (if still there?) With “Centennial Street” an example of old Auckland shops and goods. I think the Musuem is free, koha/donation appreciated. The Botanic Gardens with two hot houses and fern grove (in a “pit” below the lilly pond) is free.
Newmarket is the main shopping precinct close to the city. The revamped mall has swallowed up some of the street retailers so a few empty shops now and of course with closures due to the pandemic…
Best Ice Cream parlour (have been going there since I was 13…several decades ago!!) “Ollies” at Royal Oak Roundabout - Coconut and Marshmellow my standing order :heart_eyes:

If you have access to a car, a drive out to our black sands beach of Piha is a pleasant drive through the Waitakari Ranges. There is a dairy and I think a fish n chip store there plus public toilets.

If you let me know your areas of interest I might be able to suggest where else to go once you leave Auckland.

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Tracey :blush:

…appols for typos… don’t have my glasses on…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Also “The Viaduct” for lots of different bars and Restaurants. Soul Bar has decent food, nice pleasant atmosphere. But all sorts on offer at the Viaduct and across the swing brigde area.

Hi Samox24

Michelle D has asked for my contact details, how do we share these privately please?

Thanks kindly

Michelle did uou get my email address in the reply that THS sends to you email account? They remove any personal contact details from this public forum before approving to post. Not sure if we can message each other on the THS site either?

Hi @MissAdventures you can direct message @MichelleD privately by clicking on her username. Then you will see a box appear and in that box will be a green button with “message” once you click on that it will open up a window to a message that is the direct message to that user.

Hi Tracey
Wow thanks for all the info.
I didn’t get your email address, I’ve tried to DM you as they suggested but seem to be doing something wrong. Can you DM me then we can swap emails or phone numbers and chat via WhatsApp

Hi @MissAdventures as @Kelly-Moderator also mentioned, if you click on the little circle in @MichelleD case which is the M in the orange circle beside her username you will see a green message box. If you just click on this you will then be able to send a direct message.
Any problems just let us know and someone can help.

Hi we did actually meet up and had a lovely afternoon chatting, didn’t take any pics, and have kept in touch


Hi @MichelleD thank you for the update really glad you got to meetup and are now keeping in touch.