Hi from Darwin, NT Australia! Home Owner & Sitter family :)

Hi all! Home owner and sitter (combination member), new to THS.

I currently have my house listed for a sit in September. I assumed it would be filled in a snap, but apparently not! Haha, accommodation is so expensive in Darwin during the Dry Season, I really just assumed.

Are others having an issue getting sitters as well? I have applied for a sit in Melbourne (where we are going when we will be away), so hopefully something comes of that.

I will be travelling with my husband and two small children. We will be leaving behind our beloved Sterling (1yo mix-bread dog).

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Welcome to the forum Siobhan. Darwin is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. If I was available for September I would apply. We did a terrific house sit years ago in Ballina. It was our first time to Australia. We spent a week in Cairns, two nights in Brisbane, two weeks at the house sit in Ballina and our last few nights in Sydney. Loved Australia! I was just on here looking at house sits in Australia for the new year as I want to go back!!! If you have any sits in the new year, please keep me in mind!


Hi @Siobhan & welcome, we are also sitters & HOs in Scarborough, just north of Brisbane. Can you please add your sit listing to your forum profile as this will increase your coverage for finding a sitter.


Oh thank you! I’ll make sure to keep you in mind, we’ll definitely be doing some intl travelling next year before the kids start school in 2024!

Thank you! I’ve added the link to my profile. I’ve re written it a few times. I’m a writer and chronic over explainer, so it was VERY wordy but I’ve refined it to what I think is necessary information.

I’m from Bracken Ridge, in North Brisbane! My nanna used to live in your neck of the woods!

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Hello @Siobhan. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. I’m glad you found us.

It’s great you hit the ground running by introducing yourself and meeting some of our members. You’ll soon find there are lots of things your can do on the forum, including:

Our team is here to help, so please don’t hesitate to send a message if you have any questions. Our community members help each other have unique travel experiences while keeping pets happy at home. We’re glad you’re part of the community. BTW how did you find us?

All the best,

Karen E


Hi and thank you!

I followed the forum link, but initially was directed here from digital nomads Facebook group which is actually how i learnt about THS and joined up!