Netflix: Who's Watching Man vs Bee?

Is anyone watching Man vs Bee on Netflix at the moment ( currently available in the UK , not sure about elsewhere in the world)

It is a short series starring Rowan Atkinson in a Mr Bean-type-role about the (mis)adventures of a house sitter.

It is very funny - :rofl:


Yes, Colin - started it last night!!
I do hope that my non sitter friends don’t think that we sleep next to the washing machine.
Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Coincidentally, a Swiss friend mentioned this series to me yesterday evening. I thought it was an old Rowen Atkinson show until I saw that “Man Vs. Bee” is currently trending in Netflix’s top ten in Switzerland.

We just finished watching the first episode and are very thankful that it doesn’t resemble any of our previous sits (knock on wood for future sits!).

My quick takeaway is that it’s always important to have at least two copies of the all-important “Welcome Guide”! :laughing:

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My two recognisable moments were his reaction at the moment he first saw the particularly fantastic home and when the home owner pointed to the row of remotes to work the TV - Our record so far is 5! :rofl:


I was watching Man vs. Bee a TV show by Rowan Atkinson and just googled ‘house sitter’. Now I am here. Amazing.


Hello @André and a big welcome! You’ve found your way to an awesome community of house sitters and pet owners… over 100,000 members at TrustedHousesitters. We have our moments of humour, but hopefully not on the devastating scale of Rowan!! :scream:

So what about the show made you want to know more about house and pet sitting? Is it a new concept for you? I see you’ve signed up to the website but are not yet fully joined, so if there’s anything we can do to help you, please just reach out, or ask our helpful members here in the community. And of course, our membership services team are always available to assist.

In the meantime please enjoy browsing the forum and getting a better idea of what the world of house sitting really looks like :slight_smile:

All the best, Vanessa and the forum team!

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Yeah the power of a housesitting lifestyle … We have a new member Welcome @André

Now for some sound advice from our content team …

To avoid court-side flashbacks of your questionable house sitting gallivants (such as the boom of ‘GUILTY!’ and the jury’s rejoices), we’re going to explore what NOT to do while house sitting.

If that all sounds a little… different to you, all the advice here is inspired by the infamous house sitter, Trevor Bingley, who has recently graced our Netflix screens in Man Vs. Bee.

So, watch the show for Rowan Atkinson-fuelled slapstick fun and games and sit back and (try to) relax into this mad but equally true advice on how not to act during your next house sit…


Also the many remotes…haha…overwhelming! And wow, everything is in the manual.

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I was just looking at this last night and wondering if it’s good. Thanks for the suggestion!


@Colin We just finished watching it… brilliant!! :rofl::rofl:


Just started watching it. It’s hilarious. One of the cats we are pet sitting is also fascinated by the bee flying around. :smile_cat:


Hi @Colin While I don’t have Netflix to be able to watch Man Vs Bee, I did see the trailer. I would love to have one of those jackets that Rowan Atkinson’s character is wearing and have “TrustedHousesitters” placed on it…how neat would that be?


I’ve just watched it with my kids - hilarious!


I’ve just watched it all the way through and am really hoping owners don’t get put off! :joy::rofl:
It reminds me of so many times when I’ve had a fly in my bedroom that I can’t get rid of….
As for the house and mod cons, I’ve been 3 times to a housesit where you wave your hand above a small switch that flushes the toilet. It doesn’t always work first time and this last time I hardly got it to work, so used the owners’ other loo which had a regular flush!


OMG :scream: I am watching this now and laughing whilst at the same feeling so much anxiety :rofl:

I have stayed in the rainbow shower room though :tada:
So good.