A TV mention for Trusted Housesitters!

Hello everyone,

Team Trusted are really pleased to share that our very own super-sitter and Forum Moderator, @Sam_F, was featured on the BBC’s Morning Live yesterday along with lovely pet parents Gina and Matthew!

If you’re in the UK and would like to watch the segment on BBC iPlayer, head here for the relevant episode and fast forward to around 33 minutes into the show.

It sounds like the show is only available in the UK at the moment, but if you’re heading to the UK on a housesit, then you might like to take a look if you have a quiet moment on your sit!

All the best from Team Trusted :heart:


Good short piece. And well said about caring for animals first.
Ps. Love tortoises and had a couple as a kid but unfortunately they didn’t always last hibernation. Very upsetting as a child.


Exciting times for you @Sam_F, feel free to share any behind-the-scenes moments you had, it must have been really fun!


Bravo to all participants! Very well done!


I am unable to view but fully agree that @Sam_F is deserving of some spot light!


If it’s ever possible to watch the show elsewhere in the world, I’ll make sure to update here!


Managed to watch this from Spain via a “secret” link :wink: I must say, it was very well presented and gave good and relevant information. I felt Gina and Matthew gave a wonderful and most importantly, an unbiased review of the service. They spoke very clearly of the expectations of house/pet sitting from both the perspective of homeowners and sitters and I didn’t see it as advertising at all, which I thought it might have been. It was well done :+1:


We all had great fun making this segment for BBC Morning Live, and John and I emphasised the importance of putting the pets first. It was an experience doing all of the takes and re-takes and seeing just what goes on behind the scenes! :movie_camera:

This is a photo of Gina and Matthew, Zoe Hardman the presenter and John and I.

For anyone in the UK who missed the live show, it is available for viewing on catch up on the BBC iPlayer.

Here are some stills from the programme that I thought I would share. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great story, @Sam_F!

Shame that all of us in the USA can’t see it easily. (to all: A UK friend used their iPhone to record their TV and that’s how I saw it.)

I thought people might at least like to read a rough transcript. :grin:

Zoe Hardman: …Peace of mind that their pet is being cared for all without the kennel and cattery costs. And for those coming in to pet sit, they get the chance at low-cost travel with the company of a new four-legged friend.

Gina and Matthew live in the Cotswolds with their dogs, Luna and Callie. They use a site called Trusted Housesitters, who put us in touch with them. It’s one of a number of sites designed to find animal-loving travelers to look after your pets in your home while you get away on a holiday.

Matthew: Putting dogs into kennels is so expensive these days. We had three dogs previously, but yeah, it could be 1800 pounds for two weeks.

Zoe: What?

Matthew: Yes, very expensive.

Zoe: Wow. And what do you look for in a sitter?

Gina: Somebody that’s quite laid back, preferably somebody that’s got experience of hunting dogs.

Matthew: They’re quite detailed previews of a sitter’s experience on the website.

Zoe: Like a dating app, right?

Matthew: Yeah, exactly. So we’re rated, and the sitters are also rated.

Gina: You usually speak to them beforehand. We have a video call. We show them the dogs. We show them a bit about the house.

Zoe: because essentially it is a holiday for them, but they’ve got quite a lot of responsibility.

Gina: But it’s not just the dogs. They water our plants. They’re here to get our post. There’s a presence in the house. So we are really relaxed when we go away that our house is in safe hands. You do occasionally get somebody that’s not as clean or as tidy as you would be. Generally, though, it’s absolutely fine. We come home, the house is still standing, the plants are still alive, the dogs are happy. That’s all we ask, really.

Zoe: The site Gina and Matthew use charges a yearly subscription fee of 119 pounds for pet owners and 99 pounds for pet sitters. But prices can vary site to site, with some offering additional features, such as a better price line or booking protection. Two of the pet sitters that Gina and Matthew found through the site are Samantha and John. To date, they have completed 16 houses in the UK and abroad.

Sam: We’ve both got a passion for animals and obviously a passion for travel, so this is a great way to combine both.

Zoe: And which type of animals have you looked after?

John: Oh, gosh, we’ve done dogs and cats, chickens, pigs.

Sam: Yeah, we’ve done 12 horses, rabbits. The tortoise Milo, you can’t forget him.

Zoe: Wow. I mean, and the list goes on. Yes, there’s obviously quite a lot of pressure because you are responsible essentially for people’s most precious items. Do you worry about that?

John: We’ve both had pets in the past, so I’ve had the advantage of working with farm animals as well. If you put the pets first at all times, and that’s the thing to remember.

Zoe: Who pays for what? Do they pay your flights getting there?

Sam: It’s a mutual exchange. We have to get ourselves to the location of, obviously, where the house sit is, and then obviously we stay in their property, look after their pets, but no money changes hands at all.

Zoe: And what are your top tips for house sitting?

John: Being honest about your ability, what animals you actually cared for in the past. Communication, isn’t it?

Sam: That is the key thing with this: communication. You know, you’ve got to ask those questions to ensure you’re the right fit. You know, both you and the home, obviously.

Zoe: Pet sitting can be a great choice for animal lovers. If you’re …

Going back to my epic road trip now. Greetings from Sacramento! Next stops, LA and San Diego!


Hello @geoff.hom - fantastic to see you! Thank you for taking the time to share a transcript for those outside of the UK :slight_smile:

Feel free to pop back and tell us more about your adventures!


@geoff.hom I watched it on a VPN from Andorra, very easy. But I understand not a lot of people use them and you are a very smart hooman so you know what you are doing :wink:


I forgot to mention that in the clip I loved that they interviewed both sides: first pet owners, then sitters. Usually we just hear from the sitters.

@ziggy: Yes, a VPN makes sense. I briefly tried using a free one but couldn’t get it to work (was Beebs, now BritVPN). If I were willing to pay for a VPN, I’d be more optimistic.

That said, I also want to (try to) respect copyright laws. If BBC doesn’t want more publicity, so be it. :joy:

Us Americans just need to get our local TV stations to talk about TH. =)


@geoff.hom yes, that’s what I liked about the interview also, not biased to any one party. I have a monthly VPN subscription which is only like $13 a month and cancel anytime. Also have a free one but agree it only serves certain countries, not mine. I started the subscription because I am in Andorra with no English TV or anything to watch and am fairly isolated so I joined to watch some good old Aussie tv and some UK shows. It’s actually been a lifesaver. Also needed to follow my home footy games! Copyright laws? Yes, I understand wink wink :wink:

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We have a Surfshark VPN @geoff.hom which is $3 a month if that’s useful. Seems fine so far wherever we go. #vpnlove

I just entertain myself on the forum :laughing: for zero dollars.


@Cuttlefish I am with Express but I hear Surfshack is very good also. Same price so I didn’t hesitate. Certainly has saved my sanity some days! @Amparo yep! Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the ride :laughing: Now you get back to planning that day out to you know where and don’t miss it :wink:

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Same here @Amparo :wink:


@Sam_F Did you all (but one) receive a ‘striped shirts’ memo? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Happypets

This was also the first thing that the crew said when we arrived! :joy:

Fortunately it didn’t cause a problem with the visuals on the cameras. :slightly_smiling_face:

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