Another Sit Started Before Another (mine!) Ended?

Thanks, Claire. It’s now been several months, so I’m just going to put it behind me, as much as I agree with you. If I asked the sitter - I’d have no way of knowing if she was being honest with me, anyway.

The dates have changed on every single sit I’ve done through THS, often at the last minute, and the HOs almost never changed the dates on the original listing.

I would never overlap sits; it never even occurred to me. But it could look like I do, according to the dates on my reviews.


I hear you. It’s possible that she did not do concurrent sits - but her asking not to pill the cat on the last day, and then seeing the dates of the next sit…

You’re welcome. Thank you!
The crucial thing here is honesty, …and peace, so good for you, “putting it behind you.”
We are all learning here, and I thank you for sharing your concern, so I can learn what possible things I will need to navigate in this wild, wonderful journey.

I will be honest, in my Sits, always, and communicate. This builds trust.


We occasionally do overlapping sits, as a couple, if it is a reasonable driving distance between them, as we have only one car. Infact we are doing one next week due to one of the owners mixing up dates and needing to leave a day earlier. We wouldn’t have applied for his (newly revised) dates as we’re not so keen on overlaps but they are such a nice family, and first timers, that we agreed the compromise. We will meet them together then one of us will drive back to complete the first sit. With the first sit we have not even mentioned this overlap as it will not affect them at all and we will both meet them at the beginning but were not going to meet them at the end anyway. There is only one dog in each place and they only half an hour apart.
Sometimes we also do overlaps to avoid expensive gaps and we feel this is OK as long as we are still able to give each sit our full 5* attention!


I just received an email from TH about pet sits we have scheduled later this year that overlap. Both we and the pet owners know this. My wife and I do the sits, and in this case, she and I will be a short distance apart for 2 nights, and we have our car for transport. The TH email sounds threatening, and while we don’t want to ignore it, it is unclear what we should do. Pet owners frequently have changed their dates without officially changing them on their TH listing, so sometimes, there is no choice but for the wife and I to cover both sits. These are always a short distance from each other, so it would not be a problem. Are we overreacting to the TH email? Anything we need to do? Larry and Sandy

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Hi @LarryH50 ,

We often overlap our dates and we had one of those emails from THS about a year ago.

I just replied saying that we are full time sitters and often split up and overlap to save on expensive hotel bills.

I said doing this enables us to give all our homehosts total flexibility on their departure and arrival times.

We never got a response and haven’t had another one since


So THS sent me an email this morning that I had overlapping confirmed sits, well I’m perplexed because according to my dashboard I do not have overlapping sits. I have been in conversation with some as There’s a possibility that a HO might cancel, yet I have not accepted or conformed anything which I would not do. So I’m a bit puzzled?

@Catgoddess_99 Only member services can answer that one - have you gone back to them ? If they answer maybe you can post their reply here.

I expect it’s a technical glitch-

In the app I am currently seeing “view dates-1 ““and “view dates -2 “on listings so clearly something is awry with the app at the moment…

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There must be a bulk send out of this email as I’ve received one today too! One lot of owners got their dates mixed which has caused the “overlap” but as it’s the day before the sit when I arrive it’s really not a problem. However, I have messaged that owner asking him to correct it and that’s what is happening as I write this. He’s finding it not a simple process but we’re getting there!


Thanks for the heads-up

I’ve submitted some applications and received where they’ve adjusted dates, yet it still doesn’t overlap, and they’re not confirmed.

Very strange @Catgoddess_99.

Thank you, Colin. We will stay with our schedule and hope no issues with TH arise.

@LarryH50 , on reading this thread it looks as if many hosts have received the same email so it may be s glitch in the THS sysyem

I got one today too, and like you, we are a couple who sometimes has a day or two (or more!) overlap due to various reasons. The HOs are always aware and it’s never been an issue. I really hope this new email isn’t a sign of cracking down on overlapping sits, because that might be the last straw for us.


It’s ironic that THS is sending out these emails about overlapping sits, while simultaneously allowing homeowners to invite sitters who are already engaged in a sit or are already booked and unavailable for the homeowner’s future dates.


I just received a warning email message from THS that I have committed to two sits with overlapping dates. (This has been the case for several weeks.) The reason for that is that a pet parent had to slide back their travel by 1 week and so I lined up a replacement sit before them. I have asked them if they can update the sit dates but I am not sure if they are in the country with access to the internet. (I used WhatsApp.) Do they actually have to cancel the sit, create new dates, and invite me to that? Is there an easier way? Thanks!

I would love to know this as well! I had looked into this too and the below link was all I could find. It seems like a frustratingly clunky process. The only alternative I can think of is asking member services to update it for you-- still very clunky, but at least it takes the burden off you and the HO.

Following this thread!

Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum,

I have moved your question here as it all pertains to the same topic. To answer your specific question - is yes. The HO’s will have to cancel and then either set up new public dates or easiest just to submit private invitation for the revised dates. There is unfortunately not yet an easier way. I have had to do this exact thing just recently as our departing date changed by a day so instead of being able to go in and edit the dates to reflect the correct dates of the sit I had to cancel the sit (unconfirm the sitters) and then send the new dates to the sitters we in a private invite. It is clunky and a cumbersome process and I hope too that some day this might get worked on by our product team.