Updating & Clarifying Dates & Times

I have no idea where or how to post this. If it is inappropriate, you can delete it. The following “wishes” of mine are interlated. Would it be possible to allow the THS platform to:

  1. Allow sit dates to be updated when things change after a sit is agreed to? Last year I managed to get confused twice and found out the day before a sit was ending that I was leaving a day earlier than I thought. I had to clean the place quickly and find a hotel on the drop of a dime.

  2. Allow sit dates to clearly state if the petowner is factoring in an overlapping day at the start or then end of the sit. Or, if we have agreed that the sitter will leave in the morning and a neighbor is dropping in to walk Fido before the pet owner arrives home. I am making notes about these things in my calendar, but it is hard to keep track of and I do worry that things will get lost in the mix.

I am actually a VERY organized and detail oriented person. So if these details are getting mixed up for me, they are probably getting mixed up for others–both pet parents and sitters alike.


Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum
I will move your post to another thread that the product team do look at constantly so it would be beneficial to move it there. Other forum members are also able to comment there too.
I hope this helps.

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