How to extend house sit dates on THS site

I recently signed up for a sit and the homeowner has requested we extend the date to be longer than what it is posted for. I agreed to extend the date and asked him to fix that date on the THS site so it is reflected properly. He said he never was able to do that and doesn’t think it matters….but it does right? Can you tell me how to extend the date of a sit on the THS site? Im sure it needs to be done by the HO, right? Thank you!

Hi @Lizindesun the dates need to be amended by the owner, if they have difficulty in doing this @Therese-Moderator can help when she is back online.

@Lizindesun You could point out to the HO if anything happened to the house or pet in those extra days, there would not be any cover or help from THS because those days have not been confirmed.


This is interesting, extending dates has happened to us many times. The dates on the site are usually very rough and are usually firmed up just before we accept. Sometimes even after. The pet companion has never bothered to sort it on the site apart from one who put another sit in for the extended dates which meant the review had to cover both sets of dates. A see below worked.
It has never bothered us as we have our own calendar and do not rely on THS’s one. Never thought about insurance aspects.

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@ElsieDownie @temba @Therese-Moderator
That is an interesting point given the new insurances as to whether not changing dates will affect this. Typically we haven’t bothered either for one day changes but this might change things. Therese will be able to check that too and let us all know on Monday :slight_smile:


When this has happened to me, the HO was able to change/extend the dates before the sit was confirmed by me. If I had already confirmed the sit, the HO was unable to extend the dates. The sit would have had to be canceled, relisted with the new dates and the HO would send me an invitation, which I would then accept and confirm. Sometimes it’s more than the HO wants to deal with, so the original dates stay on the record even though I have been there longer. This was the case for my last two sits. It would be great if this could be simplified to reflect the actual length of the sit.

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Vanessa, you indicate this is solved?? I thought Theresa was going to let us know on Monday?? Please clarify. Thanks.

That’s smart! Thanks!

@Lizindesun Therese is not back online until Monday …

I know….that’s why I was wondering how it got posted as resolved. No worries either way :+1: As Simba made a good point! I would like to know how they do it tho so I can explain how to the HO

I had to do this (as a HO) once and it was a pain. I had to cancel my sit, then do a private date sent to the sitter and have them confirm that. Hopefully it is on the list of upgrades to be made one day.

I’m not sure who marked as solved but I’ve removed it. Therese is back on Monday as mentioned, and will get back to you then :slight_smile:

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It must be a pain because I believe the HO had tried to already.

Hi @Lizindesun … We have many situations where dates change on either side by a day or so. Once the homeowner has confirmed the sit, they will be unable to change those dates, but please ask them to email us at and give us the exact dates, so we can do it on our side. We are also able to help with these dates once the sit has been completed, so not a problem there either. It is always best to have the most accurate dates on your listing/profile. I hope this helps clarify a little better. regards Therese

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Hi @Lizindesun @Peg @mars @ElsieDownie @temba My Apologies … there is a way for the homeowner to do this once a sitter is confirmed. (however, not after the sit has been completed)

Please do contact if it is not working for some reason, as we are always happy to help. Thanks, Therese


Is this still the case, that to extend a sit (it starts tomorrow), I must “unconfirm” the sitter and change the dates and the invite the sitter etc.?

Yes @Katie you need to do this before tomorrow or you make it a separate invitation for the extra dates which could be done during the sit and not tomorrow.

I don’t see an option to unconfirm.
@Snowbird are you around?

HI @Katie can you DM me the details of the extended dates and I will pass this to Membership Services to manage …

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