Anyone in Beaconsfield?

I’m Michelle currently on a sit looking after a snuggly Bernese mountain dog in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire over Xmas and the New Year. Wondering if there is anyone nearby that would like to meet up.

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Hi Michelle

I’m currently on a sit not too far from you until 10th January. Happy to meet up.

Best wishes

J :slight_smile:

Hi :wave:
I’m free Friday or over the weekend if you fancy a coffee or brunch/lunch.


Hi @MichelleD
I don’t live too far from there but unfortunately I’m now on a sit until the 23rd January in Portugal.

Hi Michelle

I am so sorry but I’ve only just seen your message! I mistakenly thought that I would get an email alerting me to your response! Obviously that doesn’t happen and I now know that I will need to check on here instead! :wink:

I’m around until 16th January so if you still fancy meeting up do give me a shout!

Best wishes


Hello @Jaynee and @MichelleD just to help you both, if you tag each other in your reply using the @ symbol and then the user name they should get notified if they have their notifications on.
You can also click on their user name and a green ‘message’ option will appear where you can send a private message (DM).
I hope that helps so you don’t miss meeting up with each other :smiling_face:

I’m here until 3rd January so happy to meet just let me know where and when


I can’t seem to figure out the private DM. I tried clicking on your user name (as suggested by the moderator) but the green message option didn’t appear. :woman_facepalming:

Anyway, do you have National Trust membership at all? I was thinking we could meet at Clivedon if that suits you?

I was thinking either this Sunday or next Tuesday as a possible meet up.

Hopefully you can work out the private DM option. :laughing:

Hi @Jaynee If the users profile is hidden you will not see a green message box when you click on the users profile photo and therefore you will be unable to send them a DM this way. Instead you will need to click on your user profile photo at the top right of the screen, then click on the envelope symbol twice, then click on the little green envelope to the right of the screen and you will see a new message box appear. Then click on add user and enter the name of the person you are sending a DM to, once your message is completed click send.
I noticed though that @MichelleD does have a green message box visible when you click on the user’s profile photo so hopefully you should be able to send a DM this way. For example if I wanted to send you a DM I would click on your profile photo and I would see this box appear on my screen. I would then click on the green message box to DM you. If not then you can try sending a DM by the other option I mentioned.

Hope this helps to explain. :slightly_smiling_face:

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