Anyone in Nassau, Bahamas at the moment?

Anyone in Nassau, Bahamas at the moment?

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If only! :joy::rofl:


Hi :wave:
I’ll be there in 3 weeks. :smiley:


Hello @nickc

Sadly not at the moment but Nassau is one of my favourite places to visit! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if you have visited Café Matisse yet but if you like Italian food then this place is superb. It’s hidden behind Parliament Square in Bank Lane and is open for lunch and dinner. Also if you fancy a full English for breakfast, then you can walk out from the centre of Nassau, to the Cricket Club and there you will find a restaurant and pub which does a superb breakfast that you can enjoy on the veranda overlooking the cricket ground.

A location that you might recognise from the James Bond film Casino Royale is The Ocean Club out on Paradise Island, they have a superb restaurant and make the best martinis in their cocktail bar! :blush:

Ah sorry I’ll be gone by then, was just asking in case any one wanted a meet up, oh well maybe next time, enjoy your stay!

Thanks Sam, I’ll try those places. I’m quite near the cricket club so will check out the breakfast :slight_smile:

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