Anyone know a way to insure a 20 year old Spanish driver to drive a UK car in UK?

@KLW I think it would be reasonable to say that you will provide the car if the sitter pays for the additional insurance costs . Or that you are willing to pay £x of the cost and the sitter must pay the extra .

However, if your car is required for the exercise of your pets … for example dogs that cannot be walked directly from your property - then it wouldn’t be fair of an owner to expect the sitter to finance this at their own expense .

We have sorted it out now.
The issue is that young drivers from other countries are very expensive to put on UK car insurance. They are going to drive to our house, so I I’ll have the use of a car for leisure or dog walks. There are dog walks from our house, but there are lovely ones a short drive away.

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Hi, for future reference a company called Marmalade specialise in offering car insurance for young drivers. It is a standalone cover so a claim will not affect your own policy/NCD.

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Thank you. They are going to bring their car, so it’s sorted.