Anyone know a way to insure a 20 year old Spanish driver to drive a UK car in UK?

We have chosen a sitter, but he is only 20 and my husband can’t find a British Insurance company to cover him to drive our car. Has anyone found a way round this? Our car is a Ford Fiesta (small car!).

I don’t know the answer, but I’m not sure if you know, but he needs to be 21 year old to join THS.


Oh, dear! I will check this. Thank you so much for letting me know, as we are only on the site as Pet Parents!


Might be a good idea to check the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service too @KLW as all members agree to this when joining but rarely read them! Definitely have to be 21 to join.
UK owners have found UK car insurance companies have tightened up their rules in relation to international sitters being able to use an owner’s car so, even if you want to allow them use, your insurance company may say no. And that applies to all age groups, not just your young Spanish sitter. Always wise to find this out before offering it in your listing.

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I wonder why THS allowed him to join……

We only joined at Pet Parents and were not aware of the age limit! His partner is 21 (I think), but he doesn’t drive.
It’s causing us a real/literal headache!
My insurance company (LV), do offer insurance for overseas drivers, but for a 20 year old, it is very expensive :see_no_evil:

I would politely cancel the sitter and explain that you have no recourse if anything goes wrong as he is under 21. Also not too sure I would let a 20 yr old from Spain, who drives on the right side of the road, drive my car on the left side of the road in the UK. I think you are opening up a huge problem for yourself. Insurance at that age is super expensive in Oz and I assume same in UK. Please reconsider what you are doing.


I just wouldn’t even go there! Relatively new driver, (presumably) driving on the wrong side of the road for him, both in an area and vehicle he’s unfamiliar with…

If you have no other THS applicants and he is your only option, and you haven’t already confirmed him as your sitter, I think I’d consider spending the insurance money on paying a local housesitter instead, (for example via rover).

Alternatively, would he actually need a car to get around, or is it just something that would help him explore the area? If he didn’t have use of your car during the sit itself, are you in a position to offer a couple of extra days at the end of the sit (or more if it’s a longer sit) and drop him off at places for the day? It’s a bit of an ask, I know, but might be a safer solution all round.

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As others have said, either rescind the offer of a car and just explain it’s too expensive and then give them the option to not come (& you find another sitter) or manage without a car for the sit. Difficult to judge which is best without knowing how soon the sit is, where it is & if you have other options? As ever, comms is everything so everyone is fully in the loop & ready for the sit @KLW #bestofluck


We’re reconsidering!


We are having a rethink! He has had his license for about 18 months.
The first couple had to return home, so this was the second sitter :see_no_evil: We are going to New Zealand for a month for my son’s wedding, so we will be gone a while and are a long way away!!

Welcome @KLW it is not the size of your car that is the issue - it is the age of the driver .

Under 21 year olds come into the highest category of risk for U.K. insurers ( based on historical data ) so even young drivers that are U.K. residents who passed their driving test in U.K. are charged very high insurance. (thousands per annum)

UK Residents can reduce this by fitting a black box to reduce their annual premium but this isn’t an option for a short trip .

Have you tried searching a website like “kayak” for quotes for a hire car there are some companies that will hire to under 25 year olds … for some reason vans are usually substantially cheaper than cars to hire .

However most / all of the hire companies
that will accept a driver under 25 require that the driver has had a license for at least 2 years ….

So your sitter may not even be able to hire a car in U.K. which shows that he is in the extremely high risk category of drivers .:grimacing:

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@KLW I think I actually saw your listing previously and was going to apply but dates got in my way. I didn’t apply but I think your sit is in July/August or thereabouts? Please let us know your dates which will help you with further guidance. Maybe it’s not too late to readvertise and find more suitable applicants, highlight the fact that you are offering a car as that would be a deal breaker for me personally. It’s soooo much easier on a sit if you can actually get out and about in a car as it can be very difficult when sitters are coming in internationally. A car is a blessing and I would jump at it for a month. Good luck and please, give us the dates :pray:

Having access to a vehicle in a remote area is very important. My current sit in Perth Australia the PP left me their Mercedes to use during the 3 week sit. Unfortunately my drivers license expired while I’ve been traveling so I can’t drive the car. I thanked them for their hospitality and explained I cannot drive the car due to my expired license. I did tell them I will start the car at least once a week so the battery wouldn’t die. Apparently it’s a whole to do with the car technology if the battery dies.

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@kimshady Yes, luckily I remembered to renew my licence far in advance before heading OS this time. We can renew months ahead if travelling thank goodness. I think you will be pretty safe with a Mercedes battery not running down in three weeks but it certainly can cause all kinds of problems with the in car computer if it did run down. Just a once a week turnover for five minutes or so will be fine. I worked in the motor industry most of my life and computer systems are a nightmare, particularly in Mercedes. VERY expensive car in Oz!! We pay extremely high import taxes and luxury vehicle tax on top of that :face_with_spiral_eyes: Enjoy my homeland :kangaroo:


You could just ask them if they can provide their own transport. It’s really lovely when owners offer a car, but we drive to all of our sits in the UK.

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We don’t have a Mercedes, but thanks for the heads up about the battery!


We have asked them and are waiting for a reply! They are in Madrid, Spain, so it would be a long drive!

I have to agree with you @ziggy and hope @KLW follows your advice.

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@KLW sorry that comment about the Mercedes was meant for kimshady who posted earlier.

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