Applying for house sits - Order of applications

Hi @Karen65 is this your first THS sit ? If so congratulations and hope you have a great sit .
Here is how to find the Welcome Guide

@Karen65, go to your dashboard and you’ll see something like this:

Just to clarify:
I should be checking my app to check for new dates posted for my searches??
Searches created in the web interface take longer to generate an email? So if I’m travelling overseas the emails will come in the evening of my original location?
On my app can I put dates, locations and availability ??
How do I post a question on the community forum?

You can change your location to a different time zone. My guess is that that changes the timing of the daily emails. If I remember correctly, THS uses four timezones for those emails, that are six hours wide (but I never tested this).

One can always check one’s Saved searches in the web interface or in the app. Just remember to set sorting order to “Newest”.

“Availability” does not really work on THS.