Approved by vets?

I recently saw the above advert on social media and I’m wondering how THS is ‘approved by vets’? What does this mean, have studies been done and who are the vets that have approved it? What exactly do they approve of?!

As a vet I’m very curious! I’d be grateful if someone could explain or show me where this statement is covered on the website?



Advertisements claim a lot of things, most of them either not true or only scratching along close to the truth. I would not believe something like this.

Very clever marketing.

It just needs two Vets to say they think THS is a great idea and, hey presto, “approved by Vets” is a true statement.

As THS have a Vet helpline for sitters, I presume they have at least two Vets on their books that would be happy to do this.

I’m thrilled to learn that I have unlimited free vet care…ooooohhhhhh, I see what they did there. Technically no lies but more than happy to have people make incorrect connections.

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@PetsSit I found some resources which might help :smiling_face:

Ooooh Dr Scott, if only I were thirty years younger :yum: What a lovely guy also, watch his show all the time. Typical Aussie he is :kangaroo: So off topic :joy:

On a serious note, the first article seems to be a little open to question recently with the number of bad posts on the Forum of late. I know there is a lot of good but recently an awful lot of bad. I wish everything was as it seems in the article.

As a child of the pre-cable age, I grew up on television commercials. DId you know that 4 out 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum (for their patients that chew gum)? Did you know that more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette? Did you know that Red Bull gives you wings?

I’m sure some vet if asked said home care was better than putting your cat in a cage, and that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.