*Approximate* Dates

I’ll be going away over Christmas - but still waiting for my partner to pin down dates for our visit to his family.

Best case scenario is that I get the actual dates so I can post them to find a sitter, but…

is it better to post estimated dates and make a note for applicant that precise dates are subject to change or is it better to wait until I can get solid dates (and nudge partner a bit harder…)


@GardenCat - I would paste your estimated dates now - Christmas is fast approaching and sitters are quickly getting booked up


Hi @GardenCat. As a sitter I never take the dates posted on a sit as the definite dates. Usually after chatting with any HO the dates move a little to suit both parties. So I’d post your estimated dates now.


I would post the estimated dates and mention it in the listing. As a sitter, I usually plan in one day on either end so that there is flexibility. I would much rather have a sit shortened and need to get an airbnb for a night than to not be able to cover the entire duration in case of a change.


Oh, thanks so much, it’s unanimous!

Follow up question: what’s the best way/best place to note that the dates are approximate on the listing? I just added the dates, but there’s nothing to indicated that they’re approximate, so assume I need to put it in my house description itself, somewhere… where?

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Hi @GardenCat in the introduction section of your listing. Explain that you are unsure of your travel dates at this time and that those posted are approximate with some flexibility.


Thank you!

totally agree

Thanks, all!

I removed the references to approximate dates when sitters responded saying they were available in January… for a Christmas sit!

That said, I’m happy to report that my sit was finally filled - yesterday!