Indicating flexible dates over the holidays

I have a house sit that I technically only need from December 26-January 5th, but the dates are flexible as I have plenty of accommodations on the same property, and I have the ability to go stay other places while they are here as well. I’d like to maximize my chances at booking a sitter as it does fall over the New Year and is so soon after Christmas.

What is the best way to indicate that the dates are flexible, and a stay can be arranged for longer both prior to and following the listed dates?

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By stating exactly what you have just written and just adding a few other details to let the PS know that the space is available, privately, both before and after the quoted "flexible dates":wink:

I have done this by putting “Flex dates” as the first words in my sit headline, and explaining more in the body of the listing.


This could be very good as I’ve noticed air fare is so high before Christmas but probably less ON Christmas day, so I could see the advantage of some flexbility!


This is a great idea! Thank you