Approximate dates

Hello all, is there any way to mark your dates as approximate on your listing?


Sue x

Not really.

With the new constraints (sitters cannot contact you when they have confirmed dates that overlap), you would do best to choose the shortest dates, and then mention in the title that it actually is a longer sit with flexible dates.

You can also list two (or more) short periods in the time of interest. That would then also allow more than the maximum of five applications.


@Teddydog2016 no there isn’t. Set the dates that you definitely need sitters and mention flexibility. Or set the dates you would like to have a sitter and if you cannot find someone, change dates.

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Noting flexible dates in your listing heading is probably the best so people can see that right away. I remember years ago, there used to be an option to mark your dates flexible or set. That could be good to have again.


In your title for the listing put Approximate Dates or if you are flexible put Flexible Dates.



Completely agree with @pietkuip this is the best way to do in light of the new rules if you want a decent amount of sitters that can apply


Thank you all for your advice, it’s been really useful x

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