Archive button on topics

I am still learning the forum and find that I still get bit lost in post threads.

I spend time reading stuff to find out it is years old. Is it possible to have an archive button at the bottom of each topic to store posts that are 6 or 12 mons + old?

The older posts could still be availble to review after clicking on the archive button under the post topic.

@HelloOutThere It took me a little while to learn and navigate the forum too.
Our forum is provided by a company called Discourse, so we have the features and functions that they provide.
There is an Archive function available to admin users, however, it freezes a topic so that nothing about it can ever change. The idea is that “archived” topics will eventually be deleted.
This means if a member searches for an older topic and then wants to comment or the topic becomes relevant again, they would not be able to comment or engage.
We do not want members to miss out on older content that may be useful to them.
Therefore it is not a feature that we commonly use.
It could be a suggestion for Discourse.
Hope that helps Carla