Closing down Forum topics earlier

I wonder if it would be a good idea to close down some of the forum topics earlier. Some of them are still going over a year later and I notice that later responses often have nothing to do with the original questions. It was mentioned that new forum members might want to add their comments but, after a year, it’s probably unlikely there’ll be anything new to be added.


Thanks for your feedback @Smiley, we do regular “houses keeping” feel free to DM me with your suggestions

Relevant, interesting and informative content will remain on the forum as there are new members joining everyday and what may not be relevant to one member will be to another.

One other very relevant point is the number of forum members who comment on a topic is a tiny fraction of the daily forum visitors the vast majority are “readers” - members who read and absorb and choose not to comment.

The one thing we do know for certain is that when conversations are positive, interesting and beneficial to the reader, more members contribute when the opposite is the case members retreat, it’s all in the way the message is delivered.


Hi @Smiley you may already know this but it may benefit others to know that an entire topic can be muted if it’s not relevant to you anymore.
This keeps it from popping up in future if someone comments months later.

I have found that feature extremely beneficial :grin:


Thank you @Amparo a very useful functionality many have adopted.

I decided retreating from a thing I enjoy being a part of is silly.

No I didn’t realise. Thank you!