An update about our process for closing posts…

Hello everyone!

Here is an update on the subject of closing posts…

Our Forum isn’t just a place for members to help resolve their fellow members’ issues, it’s also a library of knowledge and a space for ongoing discussions about all things THS. If we close a thread after resolving an issue, it might inadvertently shut down future conversations that could be valuable to the Forum.

Here’s an example:

A new member comes to the Forum with a problem, where a resolved discussion might be helpful even after the original issue is resolved. Replying to an existing discussion is an easy way for new members to ask questions if they’re feeling unsure of taking the spotlight with their own discussion post. The new member can ask the person who originally posted for their advice or updates on how things worked out for them using the suggested solutions.

And, If we keep threads open we can allow for accountability and transparency, for example, if a solution provided is only temporary or if it’s not quite right. The person who posted the discussion can then revisit the thread to update it or even pop back with improvements to a previous solution. By doing that, we can ensure that the Forum remains a reliable and relevant source of information for our members.

We’d like to ask that instead of asking for a discussion to be closed, you encourage the person who posted the discussion to choose an Accepted Solution by ticking a box under the relevant post which says “Solution” beside it. This will help anyone reading the post to identify the most helpful response to the discussion.

There might be exceptions to this rule e.g. if something breaks Community Guidelines, but Carla and Jenny will make those decisions on an ad hoc basis. If something doesn’t look right, hit that flag button and we’ll look into it.

TLDR: we understand that it looks like good housekeeping to close discussions once they’re resolved, but keeping them open to new replies makes sure that community knowledge is accessible and up to date for members old and new.

Thank you!



What does TLDR mean?



You all do a good job.


Thanks for keeping the forum as accessible as possible! :clap: