A guide on how to choose a solution to your post!


As you know, we recently updated everyone about the change to our policy around closing posts.

After a discussion has been running for a few days, we’d love it if our members could encourage people posting a discussion to choose the best solution to their question from the replies that it’s received. The Forum team will endeavour to do this too!

I thought I’d write up a quick guide about how an OP can accept a solution, in case anyone is unsure of how accepting a post solution works. If you decide to prompt someone to choose a solution, please feel free to link to this post.

A couple of things to note…

Solutions can only be accepted for posts appearing in our Owner and Sitter questions categories. We may review this in the future to include more categories.

Only the person who wrote the original post (the OP) can tick the solution box. However, there may be occasions where Carla or I see a particularly great solution to a discussion that’s been open for a few weeks. As Admin we can choose solutions on everyone’s posts, and in some cases, we may choose to do that if the OP doesn’t return.

Choosing a post solution is a great way to acknowledge helpful members and to let the community know that a particular post effectively addresses the topic or question at hand.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find the reply that you felt best answered your question

  • Look for a box under the reply you want to choose, see below for what you’re looking for, circled in red!

  • Tick the box!

  • We’d love if you could leave a comment to thank the author of the reply you chose. We have a fantastic community of knowledgeable people who deserve to be recognised! This also helps to provide closure to the discussion and lets everyone know that a resolution has been found.

There may be occasions where someone chooses an inappropriate solution e.g. something that breaks our Community Guidelines, and in those cases Carla and I may remove the accepted solution. If we do that, we’ll update the discussion to confirm any action taken.

Finally, accepting a solution doesn’t mean the conversation has to end. Discussions can continue, and other solutions or insights may still be valuable. That being said, accepting a solution highlights the most helpful response for others who may come across the thread in the future.

Happy posting!


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@Jenny Can OP choose more than one comment as the solution ?
Often it’s the information from a few contributors comments that together completes the solution rather than just one comment .

Not at the moment, @Silversitters - I did check with the platform provider to see if this was possible but it isn’t at the moment.

I can see why that would be a good feature and I’m happy to watch for any platform updates that would allow it.

I think the best thing for the moment would be if the OP gave any additional kudos to members by quote posting or tagging any other helpful contributions.

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@Jenny when the OP selects solution, do subsequent replies stop being forwarded to the OP?

Except of course if the OP is tagged with the @ they would get the reply/post.


Hi @HelloOutThere

My understanding is that notifications of a new post will continue as usual!

If an OP would prefer not to get any further notifications, I recommend clicking on the little bell button as shown below, and choosing the circled option to mute.

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You keep getting notifications. I’ve experienced that firsthand.

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Just a quick update from me to say that @Carla has turned on the ability to select a solution for a discussion started in any category - this way our members will get the kudos they deserve no matter which one they posted in!