Suggestions to improve the Forum when reading topics

Would it be possible to have the newest posts appear at the top of the thread, rather than having to scroll all the way down to read them? Thank you.

This may be a good idea @mars .
However, I think new Forum members may then not read what has been posted before. From all the new threads created now, many are duplicated or triplicated, asking the same questions, indicating they have not read earlier threads relating to that subject.
Using the magnifying glass is a great way of researching if the subject has been raised before.

Hi @mars and thanks for your very logical question. We are constrained by the standard options available to us within the Discourse Forum platform, so we can’t make bespoke changes unfortunately. As @Itchyfeet mentions, it’s a logical progression (as you see on most social channels too) in date order so that new readers can follow the conversation thread from the beginning.

However, when you return to a topic, it should take you immediately to the last place you last read up to (or scrolled down to in a previous viewing).

There is also a timeline bar on the right hand side of the screen (on the desktop version) that will show you where you last got to in the conversation.

Hope that helps you navigate as the topics grow within our community and in case I haven’t explained it very well, here’s the Discourse guide relating to this question.
All the best and have a lovely day, Vanessa.

@mars I asked this (in wording which was not as clear as yours!) a few weeks ago. I don’t think I had any response ( sure it was my ambiguity) but I agree: now that school has broken up, I have the time to scroll through advertised sits once a day. To be able to ‘delete’ or to have those sits I have already discounted go to the ‘bottom of the heap’ would be such a time saving feature! Perhaps we as sitters could make the sits we have already read appear ‘opaque’ or something like that?

Hi @LTD I think you may be a little confused @mars is referring to posts on the Forum not listings on the website and asking if the latest post in the topic/conversation could be first but that could throw off the context for new readers including the other reasons Vanessa has explained.

Enjoy your summer out of school.

You are right! I’m clearly overthinking things!! Typical teacher: tries to correct something when ‘it ain’t broke’!!

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Could be end of term brain fatigue @LTD … teachers deserve their vacations.