How to scroll through a topic in forum

I understand why these old threads get combined and bumped, but it can be difficult to scroll all the way down. And I don’t see an option for jumping to the end.

The Super Bowl comment was the clue that this was a year old!

Hi @Katie. The geek in me couldn’t resist trying to find an answer to your question. Here’s what I figured out. I did this on my iPhone, but haven’t tested it on any other device.

At the top of the post, click on the number count:

Then this displays:

Click on ‘jump to…’ and then enter the highest number count in the box & click ‘OK’:


Hi @Katie,
This is another way the website is different from the app. @Snowbird 's instructions work on the app. If you’re using the website, go to this screen and click on the number of replies.

And then to the last message indicated:

and it will jump to the last message in the topic.


You can use the method @Snowbird helpfully mentioned, or on the desktop version of Discourse you can use the scroll bar on the right (thin line with very slightly thicker section) by clicking on it and quickly sliding it to the bottom. It’s not very obvious, but when you find it it does work well :slight_smile:

It works on desktop as well by hovering over till the finger pointy thingie comes up then click. Takes you right to the end.