Positioning of replies in forum threads

Is it just me or does anyone else wish that replies to comments on threads came directly after the comment to which they are referring? Maybe indented like on Facebook. I appreciate that this would make catching up on a new posting onto a thread harder, but there are some really long threads now so if someone replies to a comment that is 20+ comments ago it’s almost meaningless.

Hi Jackie and thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we are constrained by the way that Discourse (the software used for the forum) presents this forum, so these sorts of changes are not directly under our control.

What does happen is that when you return to a topic, you will automatically be positioned at the point where you last read a comment/post. You’ll see a red line at that point. You can also use the timeline bar at the right-hand side to scroll quickly up and down through the topic.

We are looking at ways to keep topics more on point where they drift so that all comments are relevant, and closing off any topics that have become out-dated because of changes to the software, or travel directives etc.

It’s a great suggestion but sadly not one we can currently implement :slight_smile:

I understand the red line, and if people are just commenting in general or to the last post it all reads well, it’s just that sometimes the lady comment is a reply that apparently makes no sense!
I assumed there was nothing to be done though

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That’s where we need to try and reposition those non-relevant comments so you have that experience less, we’ll work on that :slight_smile:

Is there a button or option to “return to top”? I find that scrolling up is tedious, as the page loads as I’m dragging the scroll bar back to the top of the list. Or maybe I’m missing a button that will take me directly back to forum home?

@DantesDame If the title of the post is displaying at the top, click on that and it will take you to the top and you can click on ‘forum home’. If you click on the TrustedHousesitters title at the top, it will take you to the housesitting website.

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