Clarity on where to “create” a topic or post

This one took folks a while, me included, to work out.
Under each category a THS team member has written a pinned post as a guide to using the category. I notice that most are also locked but this hasn’t prevented forumites from replying to the pinned post, instead of creating a topic. This has made for untidiness; the Introductions category being the most abused.
@TrustedHousesitters - can you shuffle posts around to get them tidy?

Thank you @Saltrams this is excellent feedback and exactly why this test is so important.


Good point! It took us a moment as well. Maybe a good addition to the FAQ or “How-to” would be a description of topic vs a post vs a reply. The UI and nomenclature is a bit different from some of the other popular forums.

@TrustedHousesitters Also, it’s sometimes confusing or challenging to follow conversations because replies to comments don’t nest under each other, instead they fall to the bottom of the post. Maybe it’s a setting on our end, to have replies nest, but we haven’t seen it?

Edit: We see that you can click “Replies” under a comment to see the nested conversation. Is there a way not to also see them in line with the other top level comments?