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Your Community Forum is multi faceted presenting members with many opportunities, including connecting with other TrustedHousesitters on both sides of the network, interacting with Team Trusted, giving feedback and ideas to help improve every member’s experience and having conversations important to all aspects of your pet and housesitting journey but it can also be a place where like minded people share interests, knowledge and yes … passions.


Every TrustedHousesitter member loves travel and within our community there is so much knowledge and first hand experiences of locations around the world not found in any travel brochure.


From a window box to gardens that would have impressed Capability Brown, from pruning roses to harvesting veggies


A favourite subject

Pets are the heart of who and what we are, does the Pet Category need to be more specific?

What categories would you like to see changed or added?

Please give feedback here :point_down: and if you’d rather message directly please use the email

Thanks everyone and have an amazing day!

Angela and the Team


I think a travel category could be a great addition. Somewhere to share places you’ve been whilst housesitting or somewhere you’ve been because you’ve been able to have housesitters - I do think categories should stay focussed on pets/housesitting as that is why we are here.

Things like gardening/books should be kept to the Just for fun category - even if there is just a permanent post in there with “What are you reading right now”, or “Share what you’ve been planting in the garden”.

I quite like the categories that are here at the moment, and I think adding too many more would just spread out things too much at this stage - perhaps when the forum is opened up to more people it would be needed.


I may sound pessimistic but as I see we all write in categories which are not the best for the topics evoked, I’m wondering whether new categories would help !

Among all members how many wrote an introduction in “introduction” category, few even gave any links to their profile, blog, web site

how many answered on all posts on sitters/ owners/fun/help ??

I don’t feel happy to day… That’s why I’m critical…


Thank you & agree about not having too many irrelevant categories.

Do you not think adding a Gardens and Gardening Category which is of interest with many members, sitters and owners alike, would encourage engagement, especially with owners? Not from a maintenance perspective but sharing knowledge, as gardening encompasses so much more. Including gardens of the world: … Butchart, Kew, Volksgarten,

Often referred to in listings and member’s stories. Many sitters without gardens enjoy “pottering” in an owner’s garden. It’s also a year round subject and may just be the catalyst for a new visitor to the forum to begin a conversation?

The forum can be a place to embrace every aspect of our amazing pet and housesitting lifestyle. A place where members come to connect, be educated, find solutions to membership issues, be encouraged and helped to achieve success, share beloved pets, share passions, interests and stories, even start or end the day with a smile.

Your feedback is great … and your amazing photos!
A travel category is high on the add to list!

Angela & The Team

Yes Angela visiting gardens is always such a pleasure. Everytime we sat in UK we visited National trust listed gardens. And we chose to sit in houses only with gardens (some lovely, others gorgious). As we own one, we want to feel confortable too (flats are fine in big towns)

Adding a garden category ? On the forum I don’t see the purpose.

on the web site, the mention garden is useless, as house owners have generally gardens and when you read there is one, when you look on photos, you understand it will mean quite a lot of work in summer when it’s hot. Even when there is an automatic watering.

My personal experience as an owner is it took me more time everyday to take care of my garden than my animals last year. As a sitter too, feeding a cat, even 3, is nothing compared to water a garden.

Of course the situation is different when there are dogs. Walks can take a lot of time too. And some sitters might prefer to walk in the country or a park than holding a heavy hose all around.

Responsability of plants and flowers is huge too : a garden may die very quickly in southern countries if you forget to water

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Thank you @Provence insightful as always