Sitter/HO Exchange Category no Longer?

I’m a HO, and I generally like posting such that both HO’s & Sitters will offer input. I don’t just want to know what one or the other category thinks about my topic. Does the Sitter/HO Exchange category no longer exist?

Since I’m a HO, should I post in the HO category, even though that might limit my responses to mostly HO’s?

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I’m a sitter and read posts in the owners’ and sitters’ categories because they come up in the list of topics. I’m sure others do likewise

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I’m a sitter & I read everything. There’s so much to learn from each perspective, I hate to miss out!

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@GardenCat Great question - we found that the way most people use the forum is just to go to the most recent topics and view them and they are then a mix of all categories, so as the other members here have mentioned they read everything that is new. When you search a keyword it also shows you all topics in every category with that keyword.

If you just want to see only topics in one category then you would need to just go into that category separately, but most members view the current topic thread and you can see everything here in all categories and comment on any that you would like to whether you are a sitter or owner.

Screenshot example.

I am sure other members will let you know how it works for them as well :slight_smile:

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Oh, good. I’m the same, I read both categories. There used to be a sitter/ho exchange category as well, but it seems like that no longer exists. I might just eliminate these categories altogether - since not only does everyone seem to read all of them, but I would think that we’d want everyone to have perspective that’s well rounded.

@GardenCat We streamlined the categories recently as most people just read everything and do not really notice the category it’s in. We wanted to make it clearer and have fewer options, colours etc, keeping it more focused on the topics rather than lots of categories. The platform that we use Discourse I think requires some categories so we might not be able to get rid of them all, although that is one approach if we could! I will pass that feedback on. Hope you are having a great weekend.