Is this forum for HO & HS?

Is this forum for both home owners and sitters ?

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Hi @Phillc yes… it’s for all members and for people interested in joining. You’ll see if you go to the “categories” of the forum that the are separate sections for sitter questions, owner questions and a newer sitter/owner exchange, plus other areas for pets, fun and travel. Hope that helps but if you have any other questions about this please do ask the community.

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Yes :blush: and actually this is what it’s all about, to get HS and HO talking together and understanding each other.
I have learned a lot since I joined not long ago and wouldn’t have thought about some things that are important to HS if I hadn’t read about them here.


I totally agree.
Having 2 caps, owner first then sitter, (I’m sometimes both at the same time when my husband is OK to sit with me then we look for sitters to look after our dog, otherwise he’s in charge) i learnt a lot on expectations, reasons of disappointments, very often due to lack of communication and misunderstandings…
Obviously the ones who are “professional” , have 30+ references, behave quite differently, being probably more cool. Beginners have to learn more from advices given here.
I only regret sitters who participate are more numerous than owners, probably because many want to sit several times a year, when not all year round, when owners probably need only sitters once or twice a year.
Goals are very different. Competition is more among sitters than owners. So recipes are waited sometimes…

Yes, I also would have hoped for more owners to join here.
Although you also learn a lot from sitters and their expectations and what you can do as a HO to meet them.
I am not new to sitters staying in our house for the time of our absence, my brother also had some of his former pupils sitting their dogs and property and both of us learned from some mistakes.
For example, I never wanted teenagers or grown up kids who still live at home, to care for our cats and I was right about that, because my brother tried it and the house was a mess…I told him but he didn’t believe me :rofl:. He didn’t want to be reminded of himself at the same age (I wasn’t better, but I remember​:wink:).

Can someone please clarify who is able to see what posts on this Forum. ie can owners see what goes on the Sitter Questions and Chat and can sitters see what is on the Owners Chat?

Hi @TravellingWitch thank you for asking the question, the forum is completely open, any registered member can read all posts, respond and contribute. There is also a Direct Message function where members can communicate with each other and Admins can communicate with members, away from the public space, these messages are closed and not visible to anyone except those in the conversation.

We made the forum inclusive for all TrustedHousesitters as a way of connecting our community and for members to learn more about how the platform functions. For sitters, if an owner and vice versa and it has resulted in many positive outcomes and successes, with members connecting, sharing, learning and contributing.

Hi @Düsenzofe, “Yes, I also would have hoped for more owners to join here.”

I guess the number of sitters compared to Homeowners on the Forum is about the same split as the total members of THS.
My estimate at the moment is roughly 30,000 registered sitters and 10,000 registered Homeowners - so 1300 sitters on the forum / 500 Homeowners - maybe. I think sitters are more active on the Forum.
From experience, I would say that a larger percentage of HO have NOT renewed their membership of THS during the last 18 months. If I check my Archived folder in my inbox around 90% of the sits I have applied for over the last 4 years are not currently active. A lot of HO will only use the service once or twice a year, so during Covid have allowed their membership to lapse. A lot of sitters have also let their membership lapse but probably a smaller percentage. Hopefully, once the world gets back to anything near normal a lot of those HO will renew their membership - and join the Forum!!


I actually can understand the HOs who paused or canceled their membership during COVID-19, I would have done the same. Why pay if you can’t go anywhere? If you can’t travel you don’t need a sitter.
My cats however found this fabulous!


As a HO i’m very happy to discover my own country instead of traveling abroad. Covid gave me that opportunity. So i still need sitters…

Thank you Angela. Good to get clarification.


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