Forum but not THS Member

Not sure if this is the correct forum but why is it that someone who is not a THS member can be a forum member?

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@HelloOutThere forums are public for anyone finding/wanting to join. I will let someone with more knowledge explain in depth though.


Thank you. I would appreciate knowning the thinking.

Hi @HelloOutThere thank you for asking your question.

When we introduced the Community Forum, after extensive research and consultation with community experts, it was decided to have an open and public platform for both sides of our community to provide members with a safe place to exchange experiences, share knowledge and personal stories. A place to engage and connect with other members away from Social Media.

Also a Forum to welcome non member pet lovers to enable them to discover the lifestyle and pet care option, in a truly authentic way from our members who already know the how, why and for whom TrustedHousesitters works.

A place where pet parents looking for pet care can find all of the information they need to make an educated decision when choosing their preferred and best possible care for their pet family members.

And where pet loving sitters, new, experienced and even those yet to join, can find out exactly how it all works and share their ways to enjoy this unique travel lifestyle.

The forum is set up to safeguard our online community and is monitored and moderated 24/7 365 days a year by a Team of experienced TrustedHousesitters staff members and dedicated member volunteers.

There have been many who came to the forum not knowing anything about TrustedHousesitters, others with a completely different perspective to the reality who joined our community after connecting with members and learning first hand just how it all works. Most importantly that they were joining a kind, caring and supportive community of like minded people.

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