Forum members and the whole THS community

Obviously all THS members are not posting or reading posts on the forum (160 000 members versus how many regular "forumers "?)

Some members have left the forum, others might have been fired, many Ths members ignore the forum exists ( they don’t pay more attention to the help section, don’t open the monthly letter, don’t read the Code of conduct)

Many owners (and sitters ?) don’t feel like “wasting their time” (answer given by an owner i advised some topics were very interesting and could help him as a beginner) i guess few also watch the blog

Forum members can meet ( cf meet up section),
Forum members can boost their advert when they don’t find sitters or had faced cancellations, (cf last minutes sits), getting their listing shown on other platforms

It sounds also much more quicker to get solutions (in a few hours) with the team on the forum than trying to chat or get somebody on the phone, to get answers by mail, the customer service is still weak…

i wonder why all Ths members are not automatically members of the forum.
Why a different password is asked

Some advantages of being forum members sound quite unfair not to be shared by the whole THS community.

I don’t see why all members can’t benefit form advantages only because they have no time to post, to read…


I agree it would be great if every THS member contributed to the forum but, as you say, it does use up time like other social media…Some of us have more time than others so doubt anything will change

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This is an open forum, iow, anybody incl people that are not a member can join. A forum like that requires a separate platform and subsequently separate login


The Forum is a separate platform to the website that is why separate logins are required.

Single Sign On is an option we have looked into and we have implemented signposting across the website and on all member comms.

But just as there are many members who do not utilize the website Blog, which contains so much helpful information including inspirational member stories, pet advice and features, Top Tips on a host of subjects, ideas and suggestions covering every aspect of our TrustedHousesitters pet and housesitting lifestyle. The Help Centre too, which has answers to all frequently asked questions.

Not every member of our total community is going become a member or contribute to the Forum however there are many thousands who are readers and visit frequently without interacting preferring to read the many topics, posts and conversations.

The Forum will continue to grow and be an important part of our community. It was never intended to be either a replacement for or an extension of Membership Services , the Forum is for sharing, connecting and helping members get the very best from their pet and housesitting lifestyle and journey, a place where everyone feels welcome, safe and inspired to contribute.


Suggestion if you please place in the appropriate “box”.

Add the blog to the menu on the THS site. It’s not easy to find and if one doesn’t know about it, it’s missed.

Thank you.
For everything.


I like that the forum is separate from the website. I joined the forum before I could become a member, and it was a useful place to get some info, without having to pay right away.


@Amparo I had no idea there was a blog. I’ve finally just found it now since reading this post… it should be in the drop down box where the dashboard & profile sections are, not right at the bottom in the footer of the page. (just popping the location in for anyone else that didn’t know about it like me).