Forum Member's FAQ Page?

I was wondering if it might be possible to have an FAQs (or similar titled) page pinned that covers some of the major topics (and/or complaints) that get asked frequently on the forum, with a brief overview of the major points that have already been made and any relevant THS responses? Then when someone brings it up again, we can point them to a concise response without them having to wade through a long drawn out conversation?


Hi @Kelownagurl there is an FAQ Help page on the website which covers most questions asked this was created from the FAQ’s and top subjects coming through to the Membership Services Team …


Yes, that is definitely helpful. I was thinking about one for the forum that covers some of the things that come up here so frequently.

  1. Issues with home owners who don’t respond, how long does it take? How long to wait? Apply for more than 1 sit at a time?

  2. Questions about ID / background checks.

  3. Qs about handling handover - all the different ways that are normally done?

  4. Things to look for in a good sit

  5. Things to ask when applying?

  6. Things to look for in a good sitter?

  7. Handling problems.


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Agree @Kelownagurl, comparing and adding to the existing list with the additional forum FAQ’s would create a more comprehensive list.

Some of the additional ones you have included are also covered in Blog posts but having everything in one place would be very useful and convenient.

Perhaps we can get other members to add to the list?

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Using(sitter) and how to read (owner) the Availability Calendar!

I was thinking more about this last night.

Obviously, when THS began all those years ago, the calendar was designed to show just that -availability.

In the early days, most sitters would be employed in a traditional way - at a place of work, so would only use THS during Vacation/annual leave or for short weekend breaks, so showing availability was easy.

Now with the increase in WFH or work from anywhere, digital nomad, full-time sitters, it is not so user-friendly for that group - although probably a large percentage of sitters fall into the initial group, so it still works for them.

I would imagine that initially very few owners would use the calendar to search for sitters, it would almost exclusively be sitters searching for sits.
However, since the pandemic, it appears that more and more owners are searching for and contacting sitters. I am not sure if when an owner searches for a sitter, dates on a sitter’s availability calendar are considered - if a sitter’s calendar shows no availability, are they omitted from a search, or does the search just throw up all sitters?

I have recently had to use hotels for a couple of weeks, and one of the online booking sites will only show hotels where dates are available, but will also show alternative dates - if you book a day later, or for a slightly different date range - maybe this is something
THS could look at.
For example, an owner wants a sitter from the 6th of June until the 20th, but no sitters are available, however “joe” is available from the 8th until the 24th. The owner may be flexible with dates and approach “Joe” as a sitter.

If you want to move this post to a more relevant thread… :+1:


I think this is a good idea @Kelownagurl because it would seem that both owners and sitters who tend to have issues or need help come to the forum first rather than think to use the Help button on the THS website.