Question about background checks

Hello. Although I occasionally visit the forum, I somehow missed the huge thread about the new requirements for background checks. I didn’t know about this until I attempted to apply for a sit just a few minutes ago. I am a longtime member with many 5 star reviews. I am not trying to stir anything up, but that thread was closed and I have some questions and comments.

  1. It appears that there were many technical issues with the system. Is it now working? I am on the road and very busy. I really don’t want to waste my time.

  2. If I don’t take care of this right away, will it affect the 4 pet sitting agreements I have already made for this Summer?

  3. Why didn’t I hear about this via email AND via the messaging system used for TH? Did I miss those messages?

I realize TH has heard the complaints already and evidently doesn’t care since they’ve gone ahead with the policy and cut me off from applying for sits until I hand over my identity to cyber space. It would however, be nice to hear an apology for how this was NOT communicated well at all. That is incredibly obnoxious. (And yeah… since background checks aren’t required of homeowners you are sending the message that sitters can risk their lives meeting with owners, but the family silver will be intact when we leave. Very disappointing.)


My sympathies. As a sitter and HO, I can answer the 1st question–it was quite easy and fast when I did it.

There’s a FAQ about it linked on that long thread which should answer #2.

#3–I never got anything direct from THS either, and do not know if the company addressed the issue.


Hi @SABrenner, I am UK based so it didn’t affect me, however, I do remember getting at least 2 emails, and possible it was mentioned in the monthly newsletter along the lines of

“to all our sitters based in the “'USA” please remember to complete the required background checks before March 17th(?) or you will be unable to apply for sits after that date”

I deleted them as they didn’t apply to me.

Edit: Also I am sure that on the THS homepage for a couple of months was a box that asked you to click here to complete your verification/background checks. I did, but since I am UK registered I got the response " your id is up to date "


The Feb 23 Trusted Times Monthly Newsletter definitely had a reminder. I’ve seen it other places whenever I logged into THS as well but I haven’t paid too much attention because we did ours when we first joined.

If you can’t find the answers in the thread mentioned, maybe DM one of the moderators and ask them to confirm what you need to know.

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Hi @SABrenner I’m sorry that you have only just become aware of the need for all US sitters to complete the Mandatory Background Check. All sitters were required to complete the Mandatory ID checks also and there was a series of emails as well as communications across the website about the ID Verifications and CBC checks …

The first Blog post was uploaded on the site in November 2021 …

I am going to tag @Therese-Moderator who will connect with you when she is back online, she will be able to clarify the situation and answer any questions you have, meanwhile there is information in the Help Centre …


Hi @SABrenner … I will email you directly from membership services as well, so please look out for this email.
As @Angela-CommunityManager mentions, there was a series of emails as well as communications across the website about the ID Verifications and CBC checks.
All your future confirmed sits will be secure, with access to those messages and welcome guide, so you do not need to worry.
Kind regards

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Thank you all. I will try to get around to taking care of this sometime in the next few days. I recall seeing the reminder on the TH site but I didn’t think it was do it or you are blocked. I also missed the many emails and newsletters (?) but I don’t open junk mail for security reasons. Oh the irony.

Just following up in case someone else runs into the same situation. Yesterday I gave my social security number and uploaded by drivers license. By this morning I was deemed safe and trustworthy with homes and pets. It was easy. The hard part is the nagging worry that I have made myself vulnerable to cyber theft. I hope this policy will be made fair soon. It should not be for US based sitters only. All sitters and all homeowners should have to do it. Thanks for the support everyone.

I think it shouldn’t be required at all because it’s not fair.
There are countries where it is against the law to ask this of people. Only for certain jobs it is allowed to dig further and to have a background check including criminal check done. I have it, even if I am “only” a HO, because I work on board of airplanes and this is required since 9/11.

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