Where is the page for member services?

Where is the page for member services? Is there a link or something? I am on a sit that just got canceled and would like to know what my options are. I was told member services would email me but I have not received anything. I do not have insurance for this….so I’m simply out my time and money aren’t I?

Hi @Lizindesun you can email support@trustedhousesitters.com or go to the site and use the Live Chat option

Thank you for the email info… I would rather do a live chat but don’t see that option so Also, not sure when you say go to the site if you’re talking about the actual THS page of the “forum” the forum. Regardless I checked both and I do not see a chat option. What I did see when I searched “support” was several very discouraging complaints about the lack of THS support… Goodness I hope that’s not the case!! It looks like my only option is to email them which I will. Thank you.

Go to this link (under Help in the main menu) and scroll to the bottom. There is a chat option but I think it depends on the time of day.


My understanding is that if you don’t have a premium account with insurance, you don’t have any options other than to look for a apply for other sits.

You say you are “on a sit” - have the home owners just let you know they are coming home early?

Hi @Lizindesun
I have attached a screen shot where on the main website meaning (TrustedHouseSitters.com)
You click on the lower right hand corner where the icon reads Help and that will start the live chat.

@Lizindesun Having just come online this morning, I have replied to your direct messages but in case you haven’t seen them, please check your emails/spam as I can see that Therese emailed you yesterday morning 9.34 BST as promised directly from membership services. If you find the message, please respond to it or if not, you can, as Angela suggests, email the support line directly and she will pick that up instead. I have notified her of your latest outcome so that she sees it when she comes online.


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