Need to find sitters

How do I find and connect with sitters???

Have you completed a live listing? Does it include clear, high-quality photos of your home, inside and outside? Does it provide details of the sit, including responsibilities and amenities?

People looking at this forum represent a tiny fraction of active sitters.


Thank you for reaching out. No I am not able to navigate the site. I think I introduced myself? I don’t know how to do all the other stuff just keep running into dead ends or it circles back or it goes nowhere? I could use some help is anyone able to call and walk me through?

Are you a member of Trusted Housesitters? You have to be a paying member to post a listing.

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How do I complete a live listing?

Yes, that would make sense, however, when I created an account, it never asked for payment?? It hasn’t been the easiest experience? Very confusing for some reason?
How do I pay once they’ve allowed me to create an account?

The THS staff is mainly based in European time zones, I believe, so it’s getting late for them. I’m sure someone on staff will help tomorrow.

Hi @trinirocks1 welcome to our community forum … I have asked our Membership Services Team to connect with you and help you to register as a THS member, they will conect with you via the email address you registered with on the forum.

I have deleted your phone number from your post as this is a public forum and we are very mindful of our member’s privacy.

Tanisha will email you now.

Thank you and welcome again.

Angel and the Team

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Hi :-). Would you perhaps be confusing membership to the forum with membership to TrustedHouseSitters platform? They are not exactly the same, although the forum is a way for THS members to communicate with each other and management. To join THS I think if you search for TrustedHouseSitters it should lead you to a “join” request



I need to contact an admin person or something?? I have signed up, paid, completed my profile with pictures and descriptions. Now when I go to find a sitter, it says I’m not live? But nowhere does it tell me what I need to do to go live? all of my sections are complete? This shouldn’t be this complicated. And it should be easier to contact someone.

@trinirocks1 It doesn’t go live immediately as THS needs to check it beforehand but it shouldn’t take long if all sections and photos are fine.

Good morning @trinirocks1 - I can see from this thread you are having problems getting started. I can also see that you’ve started a support conversation with Tanisha in membership services who emailed with you late last night, and I am sure she will get back to you as soon as she is back online this morning. I’ve checked and your listing is there as well as the lovely pictures of your pets, but it isn’t yet live or “published”.

In the meantime I may have identified the issue. You have four one day sits each requiring a day care visit rather overnight care - the service we currently offer. Here’s some more information on that from our help desk:

I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService (our in forum memberships services contact) so that she can liaise with you and Tanisha to help and explain.

Hi @trinirocks1 I have emailed you via our membership services. Kind regards Therese


Hello! I am new to this group and struggling a bit with navigating this website. I have a 15 week old Golden Retriever, two cats and an Old English Bulldogge. I am going back to work on Dec. 20 and really need a sitter to stop by and check on pets. Hoping the process goes smoothly. Now I have introduced myself, I guess the next steps are to reach out to sitters?? Any suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :slight_smile:


The Trusted Housesitters site is for overnight stays, anywhere from one night to months-long sits. If you want someone to just check in on the pets, you will need a different platform.

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@trinirocks1 Welcome to the forum. I have responded on your other topic, and I’m going to merge this thread with that one to keep this all in one place. Thank you @Lassie for letting @trinirocks1 know about the TrustedHousesitters policy regarding day care.

The site works in that it’s a win-win situation for both parties. No money exchanges hands, the only fee is the yearly membership. Pets are cared for in the safety of their own home and kept in their routines and sitters get the wonderful companionship of pets, whilst living in home comforts.

Someone from membership services will be in touch with you again soon.