Cannot find a sitter

New to using a sitter and this site. I posted an add about a week ago and I haven’t found a suitable person. I’ve also send out heps of invites but still nothing. If I don’t get anyone from this site do I get a refund?

Welcome @Zahra
Can you link your THS listing to your username? That way you can get feedback on your listing.

Without knowing how long before your sit is scheduled, it’s hard to say whether or not you should worry. And further, as far as I understand, if you had applicants but turned them away, that is not a refund triggering event. Perhaps you can elaborate with more detail and dates and your general location, as well as the number of pets, that will help us advise you.

@admins are you noticing how many times these same questions keep popping up?

We explain the same things about how homeowners need to upload their listing link, that they need to upload the minimum of photos in order to attract sitters … and so many “how long do I wait before I should worry about having to cancel my trip” questions… I don’t want to take up any more space to list them all!

Please see this is an opportunity to right a wrong that is apparent, by providing a checklist for new homeowners so that they can have a more complete profile and ease the anxiety of not receiving an inundation of replies!


Link is in my profile here. This is second add I did cos first one wasn’t detailed enough

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Hi Zahra,
Perfect. Looks like you’ve got 3 applicants already and your sit is still over a month away so hopefully you’re sorted for a good sitter now!

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Welcome @Zahra

You already have 3 applicants at the time of writing.

I don’t know if you are aware that once you receive 5 applications your listing will be paused and no one else will be able to apply .

So if any of the applicants that you have already received don’t seem like a good fit for you that’s fine but decline them as soon as possible ( with a polite message ) . That way you will keep some slots to get some more applications .

If there is anything specifically not suitable about the applications that you are getting - for example if a couple are applying and you only want a solo sitter - spell it out in your listing so that no one’s time is wasted .

Hi @MissChef you bring up a very valid point …

If I had $1 for every time I’ve been asked “How it Works?" no doubt you can imagine the answer to that. BTW it’s a question I never mind answering it’s a key question I asked in the beginning, more than once … and it’s fully explained on the website.

It’s true that certain questions seem to come up frequently. That’s why we have the FAQ Help Page on the website which is specifically designed to address these common inquiries and is a valuable resource to efficiently help get everyone on the same page.

When something is new people will discover the “HOW” by asking similar questions which is why we and most other products and services have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posted on their websites.

Thank you for being helpful and supportive to both new and experienced members in our community.

One has canceled on me already. One isn’t old enough to drive my car under insurance and the other hasn’t replied. Hopefully I get a some options

Hi @Zahra I see you are no longer looking for a sitter. Have you sorted this out? One issue might be the fact that you’re asking the sitter to take care of your dog who is recovering from surgery and a visit to the vet is required.

I tried to search it but couldn’t find anything perhaps a specific category would help

Yeah I found someone. Thankfully. The vet visit I didn’t think would be an issue but apparently it is. My brother will take him if needed

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That’s great news to hear! Hobbs is absolutely adorable! How is his recovery fairing thus far?