Sitter Search Pro-tips

Hi! I am new to THS and signed up as a pet owner seeking a sitter. I’m curious if there is a way to search sitters by availability(?). I’m wasting an incredible amount of time searching to invite sitters only to find their availability is either not listed or not a match. Any pro tips greatly appreciated!

This question has been asked before and while there is a calendar for sitters to complete with availability, most of us don’t so you can’t go by that.
The best thing to do is post your listing, making it as attractive as possible (and there is plenty of useful information within this website and the forum to help) with appropriate pictures. You should also link the listing in the forum:

Good luck!

Hi Smiley - thank you for your response. Since I posted the question, I did find the other calendar discussions. As a Home/Pet owner, I am use to being very proactive in securing arrangements for my animals, so this approach is different. But…I have gotten some response to my post and I have time to vet applicants, so I am feeling a tad more comfortable with the process. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Wishing many happy sits to you!


That is good news. All the best!

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