Terminology & Post Threading Alteration Request

If possible, I´d like to request a couple of minor alterations which I find could improve the usability and functionality a great idea of both the site and forum:

  1. Many new sitters (including myself) have a problem with leaving the first host review as they have difficulties finding a relevant link. This is (imho) due to inconsequent and nonintuitive terminology. Why is it that sitters get reviews but hosts get feedback??? Thereby I´d like to suggest that:
    The term Reviews be changed to My Reviews or Received Reviews
    The term Feedback be changed to Review the host or something that clearly describes the link´s intent

  2. Post/topic threading. As it is today the post threading is rather non-existent The replies are posted at random even when clicked reply to a specific poster. Many posts repeat numerous times (probably when someone tries to reply directly to them). It is impossible and/or time-consuming to figure out who responds to whom.

Would It be possible to have the posts threaded in a more traditional manner?


@RadarInc and thank you for your suggestions which are always welcome. Your first suggestion is one for the product team and I’m sure @Ben-ProductManager will be adding this to the list of considerations from members for future updates.

To your second suggestion - unfortunately the way that the post/topic threads work currently are constrained by the limitations of Discourse, the 3rd party platform we use for this forum. If someone replies to a member by clicking REPLY on the comment they are replying to, it does show the icon of the person(top right) to who they are replying, and I think many members do use that facility.

This might help also - there is then a down facing arrow on the left of the comment that can be expanded to show multiple responses directly (as well as further down the thread in order of entry). These two images show the unexpanded and expanded versions for comparison. In this example there are 3 replies to the original comment.

This is the expanded view:


I think the posts that you mention repeating are possibly as a result of the above example, or when people quote the original comment or part thereof.

Whilst not a solution I hope this explains a little more on how it works in current iteration. Discourse to make frequent updates to the software so you never know… this may change sometime down the line.

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Thank you.
Just had a look at Discourse. Apparently, Discourse creators find threading too complicated. Oh well. New generation? Not surprisingly, lack of proper threading seems to be the main complaint … difficult to follow long topics
I also took a look at a number of other Discourse forums and did not find any repetitive posts within a topic. Hmmm

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Can you give me an example of what you mean by a “repetitive thread” - send as a direct message if you like and we can explore this further. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe this means that we have to read many comments twice because they are printed as a reply and then printed again further on. It is tedious to be reading the same comments twice and occurs frequently. @Vanessa-Admin

Yes, linear discussions as opposed to multi-level threaded discussions can be difficult to follow. The longer thread the more difficult it becomes. Some of the threads on this platform are many months long and counting. THS likes to keep a specific topic in one thread, which is understandable. I am afraid, however, that in time they´ll become unmanageable.

Discourse is open source that can be altered to the user´s personal desire. I do realize the code alteration of this sort is not a 5-minute job … and quite frankly I do not think it´s even worth it. It appears that Discourse is pressured for the changes. But thus far therý are not interested — too complex, they say.

Of course, there are other platforms :wink: