Reviews and feedback

As a host we used to be able to see what sitters said about the host at their sits, however this option appears to have been removed and just a simple star rating has replaced it.
If a host leaves a poor review which we can all see surely the sitter has the right to reply which everyone can see otherwise the whole feedback/ review system is totally biased towards the host??
P S This change has only happened in the last few weeks

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Hi @Nickjs. Welcome to the community forum. Thanks for jumping into the conversations, especially about issues in the system. The issue regarding not being able to see reviews and feedback just cropped up in the past few days, and our tech team has already begun working to correct it.

There is another conversation in the forum about this topic, so I’m going to copy your post over there to keep all the conversations together.

Here’s the link to the original conversation, in case anyone comes here before going there:

Again, welcome to the forum, and happy travels.

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